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vicod 5g

  1. GreenHopper

    Vape Airistech Nokiva - Vicod 5G - Exxus - Vaportech Baker 2

    WARNING DO NOT BELIEVE THE FAKE REVIEWS THIS VAPE IS NOT RECOMMENDED see POST REGARDING THIS VAPES SAFETY Example of fake review: "The Airistech Nokiva dry herb vaporizer is yet another amazing convection type vaporizer which many are calling the pax killer." - Herb Vapers This is not a...
  2. Latulipe999

    Safety Vicod 5G

    The last Atmos rebrand. Can someone give me an opinion about the safety of this Vicod 5G ? Many people I know want to buy it because the websites of online sale promote it with attractive prices but we never talked about on FC.

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