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wax pen

  1. OldOyler

    Vape Xvape V-One 1.0

    Peace all! I'll make this short and sweet, and see if anyone has thoughts, etc. Found this for $29 plus about $4 for USPS First Class mail, they're a continental US company (fyi for your shipping needs). Replacement ceramic coils are like $8. I use these folks for my Yocan Torch coils...
  2. Baron23

    Vape Source Orb 4

    Again, another old review reprint to provide some initial info and perhaps a place for further discussion to land Source Orb 4 Review Hi folks and @SOURCEvapes – as I mentioned in my review of the Source 10cig, or some reason that still completely escapes me, Source asked if they could send me...
  3. Aovape

    Vape Aovape Wax Pens - Canva - Dima - Oracle

    Hi Everyone, Aovape technology here with an exciting new wax pen we’d like to introduce. Canva uses a modernly designed magnetic connection between the atomizer cover and the base. This design allows you to pull out the atomizer cover and add your wax very easily. Inside the top of the...
  4. Baron23

    Vape Source 10Cig V5

    Hi folks - for some reason that still completely escapes me, Source asked to send me some of their product for my use and review and I agreed on the stipulation that I would only report exactly what my honest experience has been. Also, please note that I in no way have any financial agreements...
  5. momofthegoons

    Vape Yocan Products

    I was given a Torch by Yocan when they first came out to try. I liked it well enough to buy another and give a few out as gifts. From their info: One thing I've noticed about these atty's is that you can clean them up really well by soaking them in ISO. I haven't had much...
  6. Vaporbrothers

    Vape Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Pen - Dabbler

    Happy to start this thread for our wax pens, currently called "VB Eleven Pen" The picture above is our friend Sunkat. You may see it looks like a standard dab pen, but the materials and methods are how we stand apart. Vaporbrothers won High Times "Best Standard Pen" a few years ago, followed up...

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