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Water Pipe Adapter
Acronym for water pipe adapter
  1. SlowDrawMcGraw

    Vape The Flip Brick by Sticky Brick Labs

    Hey everyone, decided to make a thread for the Flip Brick, Our smallest, and lowest priced device yet is a direct WPA for all of your water, or j-hook needs. Available in walnut, cherry, and rock maple. The Flip Brick sits upright to store or load, then flips to attach to your glass. The...
  2. Ed's TnT

    Glass Eds Got Glass - Get yours

    Good afternoon, some of you may not know I offer glass accessories, get a look at my newest addition and go by my site for many more popular pieces! Vape Trotter Convection Kit – Arizer Air – Ed’s TnT – Must have Accessory! The Vape Trotter Convection kit is a great way to enjoy your Arizer...

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