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Ed's TnT

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Good afternoon, some of you may not know I offer glass accessories, get a look at my newest addition and go by my site for many more popular pieces!

Vape Trotter Convection Kit – Arizer Air – Ed’s TnT – Must have Accessory!

The Vape Trotter Convection kit is a great way to enjoy your Arizer Air as never before! The main components of the kit are the 2 glass pieces, the chamber & joint MP. One being the material chamber that utilizes the Atomic concept. Rather than have a glass screen w/4 holes stationary within the chamber are 3 pinches. These pinches hold a conical screen in place and free up the draw hole for better air flow. The great advantage of this design is that the 3 pinches are placed at the lowest point in the joint so when packed and load it is as close to the heating chamber as possible being only a few mm in distance.


Within this glass chamber you will have 2 conical screens. The lower should be placed with the cup turned up toward the user. The other should be taken out for loading the chamber. Once filled place the upper conical screen with the cup facing down. This is to ensure the load stays in place and no debris when you inhale. The double screen system also allows the user to adjust how much you load or don’t, easily adjustable to your desired amount. This great design gives the user to ability to enjoy the Arizer Air by convection and not conduction! At the opposite end of the material chamber is a 14mm female joint, this is where the secondary glass piece is inserted. Itself has a 14mm male on one end and a curved mouthpiece at the opposing end for inhalation. Being a 14mm Female on the material chamber you can imagine how you could use a 14mm male/male adapter for attaching a small bubbler or what have you giving you many options for enjoying your Arizer Air.

Within this kit also is a plastic joint connector for securing the upper and lower potions securely. As well a metal stir tool and a wooden rod for adjusting the conical screens.


The Vape Trotter Package comes with all this in a neat zipper pouch with interior pockets to hold all these and room for more and making it an easy all in one tote!
Good morning, just listed these and some others

Cool Booster XXL Atomic Arizer Air/Solo – Ed’s TnT – Cool your Vapor Even more!

10″ in length the Cool Booster XXL for the Arizer Air or Solo will cool your vapor way more than any other glass stem out there! The larger vapor chamber is 4 1/2″L with an OD at 5/8″ for a large area where the vapor will fill before making its way through the angle. At the start of the angle you have another 5 1/2″ where the vapor will cool even more before making it to your lips. At the mouth piece is has been flattened to fit better on the lips for a more comfortable feel.

These Stems have great airflow, having only 3 pinches in the lower end of the vapor chamber for stabilizing a conical filter. There is no resistance only increased airflow! The Cool Booster XXL Atomic Arizer Air/Solo is a must have accessory for any Arizer owner and user that wants significantly cooler vapor and an overall better vaping experience!

Oh and get this I just found out that all the Mighty/Crafty glass pieces I offer can be used with the VapMan, all you have to do is slide off the silicone sleeve and you are ripping with em!

Lol, @CarolKing & @momofthegoons yall have no idea of my vices, I know i have mentioned it here and there, I am a closet wood hoarder, I cant help myself. I have so much wood I have no idea what all I have and gosh only knows how much I have spent that just sits tucked away here out of sight. Its madness utter madness, as I said before

I am Ed, I have a wood fetish, I can not stop!
Hey hey and good afternoon everyone, just popping in for a quick post, got that large shipment of glass in and have a bunch of Arizer glass back in stock and some new stuff to come!

Oh how about concentrate pads for my wood Arizer stems, RRRRR!

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