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Vape Angus Halogen Vape by Yllvape


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Looks nice
Where are these found? New device?

For those interested $199usd
Bulb is rated for 2000 hours - but is NOT user replaceable - it just became a little less enticing
Other features seem nice though
This fulla does a couple of more detailed run throughs

Just noticed the maker, am I mistaken or is this made by the TM maker?

This is being made in china atm for reference
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Seems strong
Interesting vape

I tried to add an IG link to a video drop testing but had trouble doing so
It seems strong though
The video it gets dropped from shoulder height a number of times and then it functions
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I will just cut and paste my response from FC here.

Anyone who's using the Tinymight, Hopper or any other 18650 out there? I don't see this has any different then them and I have been using 18650 battery units for years. Each user needs to determine their level of comfort with battery safety. The engineers at @YLLVAPE OFFICAL have indicated it's safe. If you have a Mighty, your batteries are likely getting just as warm, you just can't get to them to check.
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I didn't say it wasn't safe
I was sharing a testers review

But I have a few hoppers that weren't this hot
My ALP on demand full temp hammers the battery - it gets warmer than some, not burn my finger hot though - and it is only for bursts unlike a session vape at high temps
The Tera gets hot batteries - and although my old unit has had no issues ever - there are a few reports on new models turning on by themselves and getting very hot - which is dangerous
Pretty sure every manufacturer tells us their shit is safe hahaha
Wouldn't be great business to tell us their products were shit now would it...
Hard to trust those taking our money...

Wasn't saying that this Chinese manufactured vape is dangerous - we all know who out of us often defends Chinese companies and who runs them down and their labour/manufacturing styles in our exchanges in the past
I was just sharing the feedback from beta testers as I would any vape
And we always on this forum discuss the safety of all vapes or share things for customers to make their own informed decisions

This one does look interesting regardless with good flavour reports (on the first hit only) and certainly seems stoner drop proof
I'll keep watching, and keep sharing what others are reporting

I can't comment on what is like myself as I have not got one currently
Happy vaping all
Angus halogen portable convection vaporizer.
Could be a Mighty/Crafty killer?
Listing is live!

Did not know or Think there was a Code for the Angus.
Ordered A WPA Tuesday, VGoodiEZ Then combined my shipping with my Angus-Thanks !waiting on track.
my WPs and bubbler are on the Ready.

3:10pm cst- the ANGUS Has arrived!
with WPA And dosing capsule ! Thanks Scott and the Crew at VGoodiEZ .
3:40- my angus will not turn on and no instructions or how to place batteries. I thought iknew how but …….
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I am A-Simple-Man lolThanks MOTG-I figured it out I press three times to turn it on and at the moment press and hold the button for a session ,not sure how long? After that step?
I finally saw the red plus and the black negative at the lower end of the battery compartment .

Watched the VGoodiEZ Video.7:12pm. Dosing caps. Are built like a tank.8:10pm finally getting back to ANGUS-busy-ness.Have my ANGUS carry bag with all accoutrements .
Magnet holds brush inside my- C.U.-no need to carry the extra gaskets and screens .
9:30 pm put cooling unit back on to experience the Angus on 3 of th 5 posttions,3 is 395F.
A quick list;

I am liking the WPA Dry on its own in sessions .the Flavor stays flavorful till there is little or nothing left. No starting to combust taste at the end. I have blown a few clouds to come close to SWG.lol
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