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portable vape

  1. LesPlenty

    Vape XVAPE Fyra Dabstar Edition

    XVAPE has released the Fyra, a new tri-use vape, concentrate, dry herb(convection), and oil cart, I have only had the unit a few days for testing but so far so good, I have been using herb directly in the oven or in the supplied capsule (that is identical to the Roffu/V3Pro capsules!)...
  2. ShayWhiteGrow

    Vape Angus Halogen Vape by Yllvape

    Mod note: Edited to remove unavailable video.
  3. LesPlenty

    Vape XVape XLUX ROFFU

    A new portable with a lot of good features, convection, glass or s/s bowl, zirconia spiral cooler, ceramic mouthpiece, 18650 (not 18560 as the video below says), session or on demand, https://xvapeusa.com/product/xlux-series-roffu-powered-by-xvape/
  4. Cuckfumbustion

    Vape Piro by Lamart

    Piro by Lamart Pictured below is 2 Poplar wood Piros. The most inexpensive type and most basic. Lamart had many types of wood to choose from. If that tickles you. :naughty2:
  5. momofthegoons

    Vape Arizer Air II

    With my og Solo dying recently, I succumbed to a bit of VAS over the 420 sales and purchased an Air 2 from @420edc . The package he offered during the 420 sale was really a good bargain. The Air 2 comes standard with the following: (not pictured... PVC travel tubes) 1 x Air II Portable...
  6. MistVape

    Discontinued The Pulse is coming

    I've been working on this off and on for a year or so. I'm using a pulse width modulator circuit to power the vape, this is semi regulated. You set the rheostat and the circuit adjust the amount of power the coil sees. It is similar to running a mod in wattage mode. The early prototypes work...
  7. Baron23

    Vape Vivant VLeaF GO

    I received a VLeaF GO to evaluate but I’m a bit late to the party with my observations. My attention has simply been elsewhere due to well…the obvious. I did not take and post any pictures as there are good pictures on Vivant's website (see below for direct link). Also, Vivant gave me a...
  8. nonamekevin

    Vape 7th Floor Vapes - Elev8r Dry Herb Vape

    Surprised this one hasn't been added yet. From the website: "Turn your torch into a tool for vaporization with the all new Elev8R Vaporizer! This vaporizer comes with a patent pending special designed heater that turns our modified conical joint into a vape beast. This also comes with a wand...
  9. elykpeace

    Vape CAP - Flowermate

    This is actually my first flowermate vape and it should be released soon the CAP from Flowermate **full disclosure it was given to me for free to test ** CAP has been my go-to night cap and I must admit after one session on high setting it's time to give it a rest and let the mouthpiece cool...
  10. PpN

    Vape Ace by X-Max

    Here a new vape by X-Max with interesting features: the Ace It's a conduction vaporizer with a large temperature range between 100°C to 255°C. It brings an interesting quick unloading/cleaning feature and 18650 replacable battery. There is a sliding mechanism for the quick unloading...
  11. Kurtdigglur

    Vape Arizer ArGo

    Attention all inmates: I wanted to find an easy to use and maintain vaporizer for a 74 year old new vaporent. He hasn’t used any vapes before and hasn’t used any medical herbs for over 8 years. I did a lot of researching and my experiences with vapes to come to my conclusion. I wanted...
  12. Basement Farmer

    Vape Vapor Genie Vaporizer

    I know that they seldom get love as most of us have moved on to more sophisticated ways of ingesting terpenes and THC, but credit must be given to this 'beginner' vaporizer. Don'tya think? All of these get busted out occasionally & pretty sure that aluminum bat one will be my apocalypse...
  13. Jill NYC

    Vape Tinymight Vape

    This new up-and-comer looks really promising. It is both session and on-demand. https://tinymightvape.com/index.php?route=common/home A few are out in the wilderness and early reports seem very promising. It uses a stem for oven (a la Solo/Milaana/etc) The maker is out of Finland - I believe...
  14. BD9

    Vape Flowermate Slick

    A new (ish) affordable portable. The Flowermate Slick with tear down. Flowwermate Slick, $80.00 US. https://www.puffitup.com/Flowermate-Slick-p/fm.slick-crbn.htm Tear down; https://blog.puffitup.com/2019/02/slick-vaporizer-teardown The Flowermate Slick is a convection heavy hybrid made of...
  15. elykpeace

    Vape Firewood 6

    Firewood 6 pictures! fw6 next to a fw5c and fw5s: Opened up: Retractable mouthpiece: Loading: Tamping: Tool/Lid back in place and ready to go: I am very excited for this vape and I got on the wait list about a month ago. Handcrafted by the legend Marc creator of (fw1,2,3,4,5)...
  16. LesPlenty

    Vape Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    Looks like HR have updated one of our little old favorites with some nice new features and mouthpiece options; Here are the main features of the FURY EDGE: 100% proprietary - designed and owned by Healthy Rips by Green Curative, Inc. Accessories Attachment for various glass...
  17. LesPlenty

    Vape Vivant Ambit

    So new small convection vapes are coming from everywhere, here is another US$80 job, https://shop.vivant.com/products/dry-herb-vaporizer/vivant-ambit.html Anybody tried one?
  18. Ed's TnT

    Vape PipeScents Portable Convection Vaporizer - Eds TnT

    Like anything else I do it started off going one direction and can quickly veer off course and into something I hadn’t even considered. So, after an attempt at a Lotus stem body and some modifications by an innovative tester and a few betas down the line I am happy to be able to offer the...
  19. MistVape

    Discontinued Impcognito

    It's a mini Imp, 22 mm diameter, full Imp heater capacity. For stealth on the go. Starts at $120 with stem packages available.
  20. BD9

    Discontinued RBT - Splinter V2 and Splinter Z

    I remember hearing about RBT and the Milaana. RBT has two new vapes. The Splinter V2 and the Splinter Z. Please excuse my ignorance, but apparently they only work with 'mod' boxes with 510 coils. I hope that means something to some of you. I don't get the 'mod' box thing. I like the look and...

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