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Vape Arizer's Solo II MAX

Solo II MAX - Banner with NEW.jpg

Hey there Vapor Asylum! This morning we went live with the Arizer Solo II MAX. We've had one here around the shop for the past several weeks to play with and while it looks just like a Solo II, it's got improved airflow and a 3rd Generation heater (Advanced Ceramic Hybrid Heater) along with USB-C charging that works nicely (this is the only difference in the actual shell itself, no more circular port for charging, it is now USB-C shaped). Using the same heater tech as the Air MAX from 2022 (single 26650 battery) and the Air SE (single 18650 battery) released mid-2023, this is powered by a pair of hard wired 18650 cells which give it more power than the Air MAX and Air SE running off a single cell battery. If anyone has any questions on the Solo II MAX, feel free to reach out.

We have a promo code running: VICENNIAL that can knock the price down on the Solo II MAX. If you don't want a StashCase or StashBox with the device, there are additional savings (SKIP THE STASH). We strongly recommend the 420EDC designed Pill BotL glassware (poorly immitated elsewhere) or the Pill Jam glassware to accompany the Solo II MAX.

420EDC is grateful for the support from the Vapor Asylum!

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