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  1. Vaporent

    Vape Arizer's Solo II MAX

    I LOVE my Arizer Vapes. Generally they're great. My one hang up has been the charger on the Solo II. I like being minimilist when i travel and my Solo II needs me to bring a bulky charger. Well! Arizer is releasing the Solo II MAX and i hear that it's got USB-c charging! So that's got me...
  2. momofthegoons

    Vape Arizer Air II

    With my og Solo dying recently, I succumbed to a bit of VAS over the 420 sales and purchased an Air 2 from @420edc . The package he offered during the 420 sale was really a good bargain. The Air 2 comes standard with the following: (not pictured... PVC travel tubes) 1 x Air II Portable...
  3. 420edc

    Sponsor 420EDC: Cannabis Vaporizer Outfitter

    Vapor Asylum Community, Hope everyone is doing well! My name is Mark from 420EDC where we are based in Maine. Like the other sponsors of Vapor Asylum, we started as a small operation and have grown over the years as we approach our 5th year this summer. During this time we've worked on...
  4. Kurtdigglur

    Vape Arizer ArGo

    Attention all inmates: I wanted to find an easy to use and maintain vaporizer for a 74 year old new vaporent. He hasn’t used any vapes before and hasn’t used any medical herbs for over 8 years. I did a lot of researching and my experiences with vapes to come to my conclusion. I wanted...
  5. Madri-Gal

    Vape Arizer Extreme Q

    My poor Arizer Extreme Q has been utterly neglected while I played with my new portables, my Solo and Air. It's entirely the fault of Arizer for making such a fine line of vaporizers I've gotten my Extreme Q back in heavy rotation, and she's got me on my knees. The EQ is a solid desk top that...
  6. knowgood

    DIY Solo 2 Sneaky Cup

    Sitting around thinking of stuff to 3D print and I came up with this - I call it the Sneaky Cup. Would be the most discreet with one of those white/marshmallow stems. Holds an extra stem.
  7. knowgood

    DIY Arizer tamper - Solo - Air

    Anyone with a solo/air 1/2 that is crazy like me and doesn’t want their herb touching the heater? I whipped up a quick “tamper” and 3D printed it. I did two - one with a small tamp and another with about half a tamp for a smaller season. If anyone is interested and has a 3D printer I can post up...

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