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Meds Bud Shots


Herb Gardener.....
I'm gonna mix some og kush, pinapple express, kush kief, and a little amount of soft red seal hash... mmmmmm

Good morning to me....

Gotta work up my appitite for my pub lunch later...

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Human Being
I keep picking up this Mango Haze. I hope they keep this one around. Long lasting effects...I love my sativas.

I have a great caregiver and his new crop of Blue Dream was no disappointment. I usually don't like Sativas... they make me way too racey. This strain is no exception so I have to be careful not to overdo it.


Blue Dream is still my all-time favorite...even after trying dozens of different strains. Cool nails btw :cool1:
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Active Member
  1. ...og kush on left....gorilla glue #4 on right.
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My friends call me Whiskers.
I'm low-temping a little of the Silver Haze strain today. The aroma and flavor are spot on. Minimal water filtration. :love:

It's giving my mind the kick in the balls that it's been needing. I'm talking gold plated pointy boots here.

Thinking about writing a symphony for all of mankind to enjoy. Or... maybe just binge on squirrel memes.

We'll see. :icon_popcorn:



Vapor Sloth
SilverBack, a strain my provider created. Its Blue Moonshine X Pie . . . :smoke:



Well-Known Member
"Something OG" according to grey market, poor memory "guy".

In the Solo on 4. Very nice.

Peace all!

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