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Tips Cannabis simple syrup


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Almost there, my phone ran out of memory and went haywire, still has a completed video on it, hope a reboot helps, old phone on it's way out
Working on this with psychedelic Sam from another site
Wanted to ask mom's permission to post it when Sam gives it the ok for public consumption
Sugar free version next, hopefully
As long as it is replaced with chocolate!
Look forward to the vid. :thumbsup:
The syrup at the top has 60 grams in 300 ml of syrup
I typically do14 grams but made the 60 gram tincture, forgot to label it and accidentally reduced it when it made it into the tincture video rotation
Typically do 3 tinctures for a session of videos anticipating the usual "f" ups
I took a half tablespoon to test and knew I was in trouble about a half hour later

This is an apple/blueberry mix to test the syrup, add ice to check for separation, if the cannabis oil separates in the syrup it tends to coalesce around the ice
Only blueberry sediment
LesPlenty- normally I tablespoon of syrup and a tablespoon of dutched cocoa makes a good chocolate syrup
Despite the green color, very little cannabis taste that covers up easily, I scrub my tinctures well
I use a milk frother to mix the chocolate syrup into milk
I'll make one tomorrow as I have to adjust the amount of infused syrup after today's greenout
Small set back on the SuspendRx
Did not do enough research and was informed it may be unsuitable for our needs
Back to plain Stevia
My hope was that the SuspendRx would provide some volume which makes dosing a bit easier
Basically read some of the ingredients and a small amount of info, should have been more thorough in my research
Don't anticipate a problem with the stevia and 210S, just figuring out how much stevia is needed for recipes and getting the appropriate amount of mg infused
Just a stoner thought and question
The infused syrup is a bit of a process
How much trouble would folks go through to make an infused simple syrup?
It is basically taking 300 ml of syrup splitting it into 2 batches
Treating one batch with the 210S (xanthan and acacia gums) and reducing and evaporating all the alcohol on top of the second batch, then combine the two batches and mix with a hand blender
The end product is potent and versatile
My nearly obsessive filtering ritual pretty much removes the cannabis taste
You can make flavored syrups from scratch or mix it with commercial syrups
Used it in sauces, sambal
Makes great candies, especially when paired with infused coconut oil
Puree a fruit and add it to the 300 ml of syrup, mix in a blender with some xanthan and you have a sorbet or put it in popsicle molds
You can concentrate it to the point that 1/8 of teaspoon could deliver a powerful dose, easily concealed in any dish, just a tiny bit of sweetness

Any input appreciated, try not to be too brutal
Don't want to plaster the site with pics and recipes if there is not much interest

Here is a very berry soda
Carbonation presented a problem
The syrup on its own will separate in club soda and ice
When mixed with just about anything it seems to have a tighter bond and holds together
The above is a box of very berry juice reduced to a syrup consistency then added to a tablespoon of cannabis syrup
I add a little club soda to thin the syrup mixture
Then add the rest of the club soda, then the ice
It held up until I finished the drink
Did this in two postings so things were not so cluttered

Here is just a quick demo of the versatility of the syrup
This is the leftover blueberry mash from straining the blueberries for a syrup base (maybe sorbet, maybe just syrup)
Mix the blueberry mash into the infused syrup dose and add to yogurt, little to no cannabis taste
I will be making a small batch (60ml) of syrup with 14 grams of flower infused into it
Dosing is a teaspoon or less, cutting down the sugar intake

Sorry for the repetition
Just illustrating the syrup's versatility
Here are some steel cut oats, a weeks worth for me (alternate yogurt/flaxseed and steel cut oats)
I made some apple compote/pie filling and pureed blueberries
I can single dose my lunch when in need
Or, I could add the syrup to the compote or puree and make fruit pops, sorbet or hand pies (need to add whole blueberries to the puree for pies)
Hope to have some " why would you do that?" recipes soon
Just a few pics of the Stevia
This is my third batch of infused Stevia, all have come out different

When the small batch simple syrup video is done I'll work on this a little
Need to sample it for potency, this is tricky- best guesstimate over a thousand mg and that's with a lot of waste (still working on the method so smaller beakers were used and it was a FAIL, larger vessel would have saved a lot of trouble)
Different emulsifier next time
Just sticking the pics in the thread
After some initial reservation about the taste, the stevia is in the background
Blueberry and lemon then the omnipresent cannabis (simple filter for this tincture, I can clean it up and reduce the cannabis taste)
The pleasant, pleasant surprise was the texture
Very airy, fluffy, dissolved in your mouth
I was trying to achieve this for my brother in law who had throat cancer

It does not taste that bad for a lower sugar sorbet, may be able to manipulate the taste
Picked up an ardent flex
About to start making videos again
super concentrate small batch simple syrup and sugar substitutes are next
Still looking for a reasonably acceptable carrier for the medical crowd beside the heavy hitting coconut/mct oil through the liver
Sugar based are a bit lighter, but it is sugar
Pick your poison, arterial sclerosis or diabetes
Mom, if you are reading, do you think 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of syrup or oil for a patient who has dietary restrictions would work?
Again I'm have been at it for a year and was completely ignorant before finding psychedelic Sam so I'm still in the early learning stages
Mom, if you are reading, do you think 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of syrup or oil for a patient who has dietary restrictions would work?
I do if it's strong enough. That's the whole key.... I think you would need to do some serious reducing of your extracted material to get it that strong though. Like take it down to FECO level before mixing it into the syrup.

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