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Tips Cannabis simple syrup


Denny Crane!
Back up to speed
Some pics as the train leaves the station
Turning this into syrup and should get some good video footage after I decarb a little more flower
So that will give me two regular extractions and I have enough ABV to perform an extraction
Going to try to set up for thin layer chromatography again to test the tincture, the chemicals used in the process are strong and there is ether present from what I have been told
There are new cannalytics kits which are easier to use and ill order one soon
Thought I might have help with this but looks like I'm going it alone, again, naturally (70s pop songs rolling around in my head)
Hope to put the ABV question to rest

Was hoping to edit this in

Here are two different strains
Cannot vouch for the names but the syrups were treated with activated charcoal and celite
The orange blossom got one heaping scientific spoon of charcoal
The watermelon lemonade got three heaping scientific spoons of charcoal
The color is roughly the same so I have to check the taste and potency
Trying the watermelon lemonade strain syrup now
Very slight floral note in the chocolate milk I made otherwise no noticeable cannabis taste
Tomorrow the orange blossom which may have some cannabis taste but may be a little more potent
Only one edible a day while I do this, got dosed earlier, wild ride trying to finish the syrup
I should wear gloves but.....


Denny Crane!
Just a note to myself
The above syrups were reduced from 300ml to 225ml
In typical stoner fashion I did not adjust the gums accordingly and got a very thick ( high viscosity ) syrup
Also I had to handle the syrup more and it was exposed to open air for a lot longer than intended
After 3 weeks I started to get crystallization and after 5 weeks I have some canna sugar candy
Not good for the syrup but strain them out and they are nice little canna candies
Did not think accidentally adding too much 210S would do anything more than over thicken the syrup but there is a small possibility it sped up the crystallization

Finished with my public flogging of the syrups on other sites
Should be several months before anymore posts
Kind of cyclical


Denny Crane!
The syrup is going into week 6
This one is crystallized a little
I think the sugar crystals and excess gums are leaving sediment in my mixture bases
This is a strawberry soda

Here is the strawberry flavoring below being filtered
Just filtered water, sugar and strawberries in a container for several days

The strawberry syrup had no noticeable separation
Tasted really good
Homemade is the best


Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member
Could you point me in the direction of thc syrups using FECO? I've tried to search, but I cant find an answer.
Hi... and welcome to the asylum. :smile:

THC tincture, when reduced down, is considered FECO. So @Tincandtoke 's method would work for that too. You are basically 'reconstituting' the FECO by combining it with the sugar water for the syrup.

Now... you do not have to go through the filtration process that he does. He does this in an attempt to minimize, or eliminate, cannabis taste in the end product. If that doesn't matter to you, adding FECO or tincture to a basic simple syrup would work. You will need to heat it slightly and mix like crazy to get it combined.

I'm sure @Tincandtoke can also add to this. He's much more knowledgable about this than I am. :smile:


Denny Crane!
Could you point me in the direction of thc syrups using FECO? I've tried to search, but I cant find an answer

Just need more info from you

Are you looking for medicinal or recreational?
Are you looking to make an infused carrier at home (a carrier can be coconut oil or in my case simple syrup)
How do you want to use the product? As a syrup you can flavor or an oil/ fat you can add to a recipe?

This will help me better understand what you are asking

Ok here is my understanding of FECO
Full extract canna oil
To make FECO you combine an oil like coconut oil and flower/trim in an extraction process
Question about using heat in the extraction process because it can burn off some of the desirable compounds

Reduced tincture down to just cannabis oil is considered RSO (Rick Simpson oil)

I have read some confusing info about FECO and RSO, so telling us what you want to do with it will help
I'm medicinal and recreational


Vapor Accessory Addict
Staff member
Ok here is my understanding of FECO
Full extract canna oil
To make FECO you combine an oil like coconut oil and flower/trim in an extraction process
Question about using heat in the extraction process because it can burn off some of the desirable compounds
My understanding of FECO is a bit different.

I've always read that the main difference between RSO and FECO is the solvent used. Rather than try to verbalize this myself before I'm completely caffeinated... I'll quote cannabisnation.com:


FECO (full extract cannabis oil) and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) are highly-concentrated forms of cannabis in which the whole plant is extracted and used. This process offers a broad spectrum or full-spectrum representation of the full cannabinoid and terpene profile found in that cannabis strain or cultivar. The main difference between FECO and RSO ultimately boils down to the solvent used when the cannabis is processed during the extraction process.

Other than the choice of solvents used, the full extraction of cannabinoids for both RSO and FECO is roughly the same. The extraction process with solvents is relatively simple. Raw cannabis flower is placed in a solvent and the trichome heads in the liquid separate from the plant material. The solvent is then purged or evaporated off in a desiccator, vacuum pump, or vacuum oven which creates a pure resin extract.

What is FECO?​

The traditional method for FECO (full extract cannabis oil) uses ethanol to extract all the terpenes, cannabinoids, THC/CBD, and other beneficial elements found in cannabis. FECO is produced at low temperatures and is often extracted utilizing ethanol or CO2 as a solvent. Through the use of this process, more of the cannabinoids are retained in the remaining resin extract.

What is RSO?​

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) on the other hand, uses naphtha. RSO is typically produced at higher temperatures and traditionally utilizes either alcohol or naphtha as a solvent. With high temperatures being used to boil off the solvent, many of the plant terpenes are lost in this process. However, RSO does typically retain a greater amount of chlorophyll and the less evaporative plant compounds. This can result in an end product with very high levels of cannabinoids.
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Denny Crane!
My understanding of FECO is a bit different.

I've always read that the main difference between RSO and FECO is the solvent used. Rather than try to verbalize this myself before I'm completely caffeinated... I'll quote cannabisnation.com:

This is why I danced around this
There are clear definitions of FECO and RSO but the terms are interchangeable in a lot of posts and threads
I find folks often mean one term but use the other

I agree with Mom that they are similar but finding out what you are going to be doing with it can give a clear picture of what you want

When I was using the Magical Butter Machine the end product was called FECO by some folks
As I learned more I questioned this because I had decarbed the cannabis and the MBM had used heat in the extraction and blending process
Some folks who posted did not think this was FECO because of the application of heat
So this got into the argument of what is in the extraction and what constitutes full extraction
At this point my head exploded because the solvent being used and the heat application did not get addressed

Eventually as I developed the syrup recipe these terms became meaningless
Sorry, not a knock on the terms but the method I was using did not fit any definition
Always thought of it as RSO but members on different sites had a range of opinions

This subject was my first beat down on the internet during the syrup development
I got hammered for not doing my homework, rightfully so

So sticking with Moms posted definitions will give a better reference point
Then with input from the OP I can figure how to get them what they want or at least point them in a direction


Denny Crane!
This is going to be a long night
Hit reply to my own post


Here we go
Just a heads up Mom
When I was doing this it was spread across 5 or 6 sites so I could post without disrupting a community or bumping my threads
Your site is going to get it all so I'm not bumping my thread for selfish reasons I use the posts for reference a lot
First two pics are decarbed flower from a while ago, unsure how long it has been in the freezer (no harm done , perfectly fine for extraction)
On the left watermelon lemonade and in the middle is Gorilla Glue (my favorite strain and the best strain I've ever used in edibles!!!)
On the right is the syrup with too much 210S
7 weeks in and still "fluid" (I know I'm stretching)
Syrup was handled a lot after it was infused and the extra gums may have helped with the crystal formation
First time this has happened this early, usually use it up before it becomes a problem
This stuff was potent so it took a lot longer to consume


Denny Crane!
Filter pics 7/12

These are just reference pics for the filtering video
This is my versionn of stage 1 filtering
It is pretty thorough and removes quite a bit of the plant material
Plant waxes make it through but can be removed with a syringe draw down (partially) or a Buchner filtration run (near complete)
This is how I set the filtering up and the end product which is pretty well filtered


Denny Crane!

Finished single stage filter in the first pic
Next pics are the tincture after a night in the freezer
For 56g of bud very little wax
Doing this process in one pass saves tincture and reduces the chance of mistake or accidental dosing
This stage is fine for most of my recipes but the Isi whipper does better with the full filtration


Denny Crane!
Time stamp for authenticity
Makiing celite pucks for advanced filtering of the tincture

I run distilled water through the Buchner
Add the celite after adding the water to the top of the filter
Turn on the vacuum pump and give the mixture a slight stir as the vacuum draws the water through creating the puck
24-48 hour dry is recommended


Denny Crane!
May follow through with an idea I had for running the syrup through the magical butter machine
It may do a better job than the hand mixer
Still have to do the hand mixer to keep it minimal as possible
Want a homogenizer with sonication
May have to settle for a milkshake mixer with a vibrator thrown in set on earthquake
The slog of research

Edit: The above is for an attempt to get close to nano emulsion


Denny Crane!
Just posted this in a message to Mom

This is infused stevia
If you can get past the looks (which I think I can clean up a little for recreation) it is potent and works well
The emulsion process was hindered a bit by the lack of volume in the stevia
Had to resort to a milk frother (heat your frother blades up by putting the tips in some boiling water, then dry and start mixing immediately)
I think we can get a better infusion and distribution of the cannabis oil with more stevia
The problem is that this product has to be used quickly
Dries like laquer instead of forming crystals making it hard to recover if you leave it exposed to air


Denny Crane!

Here is some flower in the three forward mason jars
Decarbed and ready for extraction and filtering
Next pic is the multi stage filtering on the left and single stage filtering on the right (difference in color)
Next pic is my area being set up for processing
Now if I can figure out my phone we're in business


Denny Crane!

Just a throw in
I use these filters when processing large amounts of tincture
They filter fast and clean up the tincture for an easier run through a Buchner or just use as is if you don't mind the cannabis taste


Denny Crane!

Time stamp and the beginning of a line of reductions of varying potency for different projects
I'm going to bomb the thread with pics so if it gets to be too much lmk Mom


Denny Crane!

Pictures of the tincture during reduction
Finished product on the right
It will be poured onto simple syrup for the rest of the reduction before being mixed with a simple syrup that has been treated with 210S


Denny Crane!

Back from Bonfire
Awesome crowd
No yelling, fighting or overly intoxicated
Much respect to the millenials
So cool to just light up/vape whenever wherever
The portable toilets smelled like weed
You stood in a giant cloud, everyone was smoking joints
When the porta-potties don't smell awful you have a fairly successful event on that basis alone

It looked and felt a bit corporate which was nice from an attendee standpoint, I know hypocrite
Informative and well organized
Bit of a cash grab
Appears to look like a way to sell some over stock along with the good stuff
I was sober the entire time
Went to talk shop
Tight lipped and reluctant until I started repeating their processes to them
Really its NOT rocket science, 6th grade science competition maybe

All their edibles were from concentrate
Good quality, taste great
Not much flower extraction going on with the people selling the edibles
They buy concentrate, so I'll keep working with the flower to perfect the filtration process as best as I can for the home grower and folks who can only get flower

This fall/winter will begin my concentrate extraction and edible development for DIY
From the ground up learning here so it will be mistake laden

Small sample of the cards and stickers
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