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Accessories Carb Caps What do you use


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Since getting into dabbing I have acquired a few carb caps. Some are interchangeable between devices, some are not.

My collection,


I like the smaller hole versions as it seems to create more vapor at lower temperatures for me.

What are you using and what do you like about it?
I like that it works
I wish it had 2 x smaller angled holes, one each side, would help even things out and help 4wd my terp balls through some dirtier rosin.
But the DNail really only fits the Dhail, they also have these,

Might last me a day or 2 before the inevitable.


Maybe last me one day?...interesting though.
I have several.. but find that I'm actually using the Pi cap from @710 coils the most lately. I had thought it was too small but it gets the ball spinning better than the others I have.

I broke the green swirl cap that I loved from BrothersWithGlass. And they no longer carry it. :doh:

Anyway.. my odd assortment of caps... I don't use the Ti because... well I don't use Ti nails anymore. I also don't care for the one on the top (a cheapo from the Gate)... it basically does nothing and doesn't spin. The top of my glass dabber has a marble that can serve as a cap, but without the ability to vent it.. it doesn't work as well as the others.

Some nice looking ones here @momofthegoons, too bad the glass marble has no hole.

I like the look of this (if not the price, a bit of work in it though),

Adjustable airflow (like a tap on top),


These are cheaper, and look it,

Before any international buyers waste their time (like me again) these motherfuckers only post to Canada and US
These flat disc caps loo neat, you can even get curved models to suit the DNail Halo,

And a new improved version especially suited for bangers with inserts,

It is just too bad that they cost more than my PID, heater coil, banger, and bong all put together, this, is US$275 for example, it takes 7 hours to produce,

These faceted models sure are purdy though!
So, it took that guy, by his own admitance, 45 minutes to figure out that the air goes enters from the cuts in the glass? Wow, I want what he was dabbing! haha

I have some expensive Ti caps that I never use. I just use a bubble cap, mostly this one, a crystal star cap (bubble star..dunno, same item diff names) with slits on both sides of the handle which let's me manage air flow and pressure drop a bit. Mine is a Bubble Star and maybe the others are made of quartz vs boro? Who knows.

Sold out many places so I'm not even sure if they are making them anymore...seems like brands and products come and go quickly in vaping



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45 minutes to figure out that the air goes enters from the cuts in the glass?
I have seen a few of his videos...I don't think he gets accused of being smart very often!
I only ordered the top 'ball' unit, heaven only knows how long it will take to get here, I just received another DHGate item during the week that I ordered in January!
I only ordered the top 'ball' unit, heaven only knows how long it will take to get here, I just received another DHGate item during the week that I ordered in January!
I would imagine it wont be as long of a wait as the other order. That was right when the shit was hitting the fan with the virus.

The 'ball' unit is the one I would have been interested in as well. I'm not sure I'm down with the disc type. Seems like fingers wanting to be burned to me.... and I seem to burn my self on any vape part that that can happen on. So... not for me.
Seems like fingers wanting to be burned to me..
Yep, if I was to get a channel cap I would want one like this,


But at a better price!
The channel caps look as if you need a fair honk on the rig to get things moving, hope the one on order may help keep wind velocities down!
Got a new carb cap for spinning terp balls in my ruby insert, it works well, not much effort to get the balls spinning at a nice slow rate so it helps to vape my rosin without splashing.
The bottom sits at about the perfect level too,



Shop around as I only paid AU$14 and shipping was free...then

I have been using it for a couple of days now and it is my best for this use so far.

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