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A solid dosage form in which the drug is enclosed in a hard or soft soluble container, usually of a form of gelatin. Used for oral consumption.
  1. LesPlenty

    Accessories Carb Cap What do you use?

    Since getting into dabbing I have acquired a few carb caps. Some are interchangeable between devices, some are not. My collection, I like the smaller hole versions as it seems to create more vapor at lower temperatures for me. What are you using and what do you like about it?
  2. C

    Dnail gen 2 carb cap

    Ordered a dnail sic Halo but they are out of stock on the carb caps. Anyone by chance have one they can sell?
  3. Vitolo

    MAV Pacifica Bubbler with Carb Cap for Dr. Dabber Dabber Switch

    Brand New- The Pacifica Switch is the newest collaboration with an attachment for the amazing dr.dabber switch ! Comes from a very limited batch Features: • Made per order • 9 inches tall • dr. dabber switch compatibility • Recycler function • Vortex drain • upside...
  4. Squiby

    Accessories For the Love of Vapcap

    The Dynavap vaporizer, the Vapcap, has a versatile modular build which lends itself to endless customization. Couple this with an array of imaginative and functional accessories and you have a device that is not only pleasurable to use but also to behold. Each and every one is beautiful and...

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