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Meds CBD Quick chocolate experience


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These are CBD quick chocolates
It is a basic store bought block chocolate with some lecithin, if needed-most store bought has it already, and infused coconut oil
It is not the recipe but the CBD I want to discuss

This is a strain called thunder struck 10% thc 15% cbd

I made them for my wife who does not consume anything, not even caffeine
She had a root canal and was hurting
90 minutes in the pain dulled and shortly after she was out cold
Up once, reported NOT being high, out again
Heavy dose of CBD but some of the thc had to get the 11-hydroxy conversion so more reporting is necessary
She was pleased with the results
If I catch her on a good day I will see if she will post her experience

Pics are to satisfy "pics or it didn't happen"
This batch was a small batch where I evaporated the alcohol off in a loose lid jar in the fridge, very little alcohol

Cold ethanol extraction folks
Taste and potency
So an update
She did in fact get a little high
Described it as being fuzzy
The chocolate was 30+ mg so overkill for the first time
She did not green out or get a recreational high
She was heavily sedated so the cbd did its job
She is using smaller doses in place of Ambien for now
Good results

There are two medical cases where age is an issue for making q concentrate
Young child and elderly person
Psychoactive tolerance becomes an issue

I'm doing an informal post of the coconut oil I infuse
It will be a cold extraction and a thorough filter
May try tempering the chocolate for better handling

These are for my wife who uses this particular strain only and as an edible
That strain is Thunderstruck
As I have posted all over the place it is 10% THC 15%CBD
It has noticeable medicinal effects
Some postings from different people have me siding with them regarding the entourage effect
Not just terpenes but these 1:1 ratio or higher strains that have equal parts of the cbd and thc

There are two cases of people seeking information about cannabis but both cases have to deal with the psychoactive part of medicating and age
Young and elderly
My wife's experience may help folks feel a little bit more at ease about trying cannabis
She cut down her ibuprofen intake and stopped taking Ambien
This is personal but I have to share it
She does not use any illicit substances nor any legal ones, not even caffeine so her tolerance and decision to choose cannabis over pharma is a big deal

Some people knock this strain because of the high but I have to tell you if you vape some and go out for the evening you will be chill and not crave a joint or a vape
Don't drink or its nap time standing up
Cannabis version of a chill pill when you may not want to be lit
Dealing with relatives, the general public

Decarb of the Thunderstruck and making Celite 545 pucks for advanced filtration


My filtration and tincture reduction set up
Very simple
Ceramic coffee dripper with a stainless steel filter inserted then a paper filter inserted into the stainless steel filter
This sits atop a mason jar with the center cap removed
Great filter and moderate to high "plant" taste depending on extraction method
Next step
Buchner funnel with filtering media
I use carbonX to mix into the tincture and then agitate for 5 minutes and filter in the Buchner with a celite puck

Here is the Thunderstruck tincture reducing

Here is a single chocolate being made
A video tempering the chocolate to make multiple doses will follow

These chocolates are CBD forward and not for getting high
They have little cannabis taste thanks to the filtering
Psychedelic Sam has posted some interesting R&D around the acids in the carboxyl group for cannabis
Hope I worded that right, pretty stoned
Anti viral and anti inflammatory properties may be present

Is is ok to post a link to a page on another cannabis site?
This is a finished product that steps around expensive thc-a isolates from the dispensary

This is a batch of high THC coconut oil being infused
The tincture is 100ml and has 100grams
I only need a few drops to make 40 candies
A kind person has agreed to give me neutral feedback
High thc may work better for pain than cbd

The container on the left is 25 grams of infused oil at 40mg per gram of solidified oil
Weighing the hardened oil by the gram was the easiest way to try to dose in the ballpark
I'm in a deep rabbit hole on the accuracy of these numbers the industry throws at us
Its not pretty
Doing a huge batch of medicinal and recreational tincture processing
The high thc infused products are becoming more popular with medical patients, prompting me to sidetrack into ways to counter the green outs or overdoses
My thoughts are that cbd carts and flower may be quick efficient ways to deliver some cbd to the bloodstream to help
I can only speak of my own experiences but I keep cbd flower on hand for accidental megadosing when making edibles
Could be placebo effect but it does seem to help

Doing second stage filtering
All three tincture on the right have been scrubbed the same using 1 gram per 100ml of tincture
The difference in the color is simply the amount of cannabis oil to the amount of alcohol
The small one on the right was a 3.5 gram extraction which requires endough alcohol to cover the material so the ratio of alcohol is higher giving it a light golden color

Made a very rough video on the filtering
This is a continuation of the thunderstruck extraction and infusion
Lots of pain today
I'm on a roll with the videos
They are all disasters but not too bad compared to the early ones

Deep diving dispensary concentrates for edibles

This is an RSO dart from Sweet Dirt dispensary in Maine
1 gram with about 800mg of cannabinoid available for $60
Nice clarity
These are a great way to jump into edibles if you have no experience but be careful dosing

Posted on discord and got the syrup out during a live stream to 10s of people

I may do two versions of the thunder struck infusion for comparison
Oil and syrup
Patient noted waking up feeling sedated a few times on the oil
If the syrup can provide the same sedation as the oil to help someone get to sleep but not last as long as the oil which can go 8 hours or more

CBD flower is finally ready to go to decarb
Several weeks of sorting decarb methods for CBD, not sure what I know, if anything
2 rounds in the Nova fx on cbd setting, I think

Thunder struck (10%thc/15%cbd) being extracted for oil infusion
The hemp flower about to finally get a 2X run in the Ardent fx for decarb
All of it going out to patients in a kind of rush so I may record but time is important
So after a weekend of the cbd chocolates and two doses the reports are mixed
For sleep throughout an eight hour period it did not do well, restlessness was reported
It did produce a calm sedate experience and the person fell asleep but did not maintain a steady rhythm
I will get more hemp flower and modify the decarb to see if results differ

The thunder struck 10%thc/15%cbd produced heavy sedation and sleep throughout
Think I know what happened to my cbd/cbg flower decarb
Over decarbed it

The chocolate will give you a chill sensation but not much pain relief or sedation
Pain relief is in the form of anti inflammation and not actual blocking of pain which falls to high thc

My goal is to decarb the cbd flower and the cbg flower to mix and have them work in concert
Trying to get the best decarb is hard as info is out there but in some cases contradictory
So research your sources

So far I have shortened the decarb temps to 230f-260f (110c-127c) for myself
This seems to be the range most of the posts and articles reference
the time is another story
Anywhere from 10 minutes to a long weekend
Fuck me!!!!

A topical and ingestion
The infused coconut oil will be an ingredient in a topical rather than the base
Absorption is the giant hurdle and may require some compounding

The tins on the left are the ones I screwed up
The plastics on the right are a new batch

Managing a lot of pain so I'm going to find out if any of this really helps
I can tell you that LA Kush Cake will help with some actual pain relief
High thc seems to do the trick but I'm a light weight who greens out on a rice size dab

Been a little while since I went to the dispo
Some pain relief, sleep and recreation
Picked up a cbdv-a cultivar
Some GG#4 my favorite

Some pre rolls for extraction $5 a piece or 5 for $20
These are a good way to get into advanced extraction and filtering

My plan is to use the cbdv-a and cbg together to make a high concentrate topical
Still trying to figure out if a decarb is even necessary
Anti inflammation is my goal
Not sure if a topical would work but if it can reduce a little swelling and not interfere with pain relief then that would be nice

I have tried every topical
Only Voltaren worked and that was more pain relief than inflammation

Rain and 30f-40f (-1c to 4c) weather ahead so leveling the backyard should be fun

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