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Is there a stand out dry herb vape that has little odor both in use & when stowed in pocket or pack ?

Sorry to say at times my Simrell is / has been failing miserably in this regard. I cant see any vape unseating it as my all around fav as of yet except for this issue.....

With out going into detail the owner of the firm I now contract for is into herb. However he understandably runs a tight ship expecting discretion & responsibility when called for.

Needing a vape for " Flower" that is as odor free as possible while producing good vapor. Any batteries must be replaceable. On demand would be nice

Would love to hear any thoughts. Maybe I can do things differently with what I have or some such.
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As a general rule the vape itself is not smelly it is the cooling unit/stem that tends to get whiffy. Something like the Arizer air will fit the bill. Removable batteries. Multitude of removable stems. A stink sack or something to keep bud & stems in. Problem sorted.
Used an Airizer Solo some time ago guess the Air has the same heater ?

Didn't really care for the Solo at that time. However they've made improvements to it since I last used.

I just might give tge Air a try.

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