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Dnail gen 2 carb cap

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I have been asking and looking for ages

No luck

However I emailed dnail last week and asked about them as they have been out of stock for months

They were surprised that it said that on the site and said they had some in stock I coould order - they had them up for black friday sale they said but I could only see out of stock

They said they will email me a link so I can pay and that I can even get the sale price

They emailed other day as I asked for the link to say that the dab tool they had did not thread onto the cap for me so they are getting another organised for me and will send pay link soon at sale price

I do not know if you will get the sale price but try emailing them and asking

Say you have been trying to buy for ages but always says out of stock - say you wanted to buy on black friday sale but it said out of stock

Hopefully they will do the same for you :)

Hope this helps you out bud
They have been giving me the run around 9n it for the last 2 weeks.
Yes the email return is not good from them

They have not answered me for a while now...but still did promise me a link soon

They have always been really bad at communication, but seem to have decent CS
Still waiting for my reply....they disappear for ages at a time....
Not open for further replies.

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