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Discontinued Exotic wood mod box covers

Vapes no longer in production


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Hi all, announcing a new item we just added. Mod box covers made from bocote or blood wood. They fit the evic vtc mini or the v two mini. You just slide the mod into the cover and screw on your favorite vape be it splinter, mod pod or other.



The top cut out will accept any device up to 1 1/8" diameter.
The wood is sealed on the outside with a thin coat of epoxy and then multiple coats of water based polyurethane.
I would be willing to do beeswax finishes if any one wanted that instead. The water based poly is a great shiny finish and very durable. The polyurethane is used on floors, it is very durable.
These go up on the website tomorrow, $69, there are only 8 units. This is the first mini production run.
What a fabulous idea! Adds such class to something that looks so... boring. :nod:

And links to those two mod boxes might be helpful for those of us who are interested.... :wink:
evic vtc mini is here
and the v two mini is here

Wow! Outstanding production!

Of course you know now that you're going to be deluged with requests for custom orders!

Starting with me!:rofl:

Modpod labs suggested these two box mods as being very popular. I'd be happy to look at doing covers for other units. The mod has to fit in a slide on case, let me know what you are thinking.
Also considering adding to this design, maybe some engravings or inlays down the road
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