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Not that kind of wood!
Get your mind out f the gutter.
  1. MistVape

    Discontinued Exotic wood mod box covers

    Hi all, announcing a new item we just added. Mod box covers made from bocote or blood wood. They fit the evic vtc mini or the v two mini. You just slide the mod into the cover and screw on your favorite vape be it splinter, mod pod or other. The top cut out will accept any device up to...
  2. S

    Accessories Snappo is on Board

    Hello Folks!!! Just a holler to let you know that Snappo's on board and ready to roll!!!!:wave:
  3. Aezhenn

    Accessories Aezhenn Wood

    Hello good people, and welcome to the Aezhennwood thread! Maybe you know me, may be not... I'm Aezhenn and I love wood working! Carving, turning, making stuffs, looking at all the beauties Mother Nature gives us! Woods can be very different, even in the same species, and sometimes, we can...

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