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Lunacy Favorite Movie Clips

One of my all time favorite movies is Harold and Maude. I had a hard time figuring out which clip.... the entire 'dating' sequence was a hoot.

LOVE Harold and Maude! Such a great movie! :thumbsup:

"Man, she sell dope, do hair, and babysit all outta the same house."

Basic Instinct

'Nobody' was faster on the day...great movies!

Such a classic Killick. Revok is awesome.

This whole movie might be Peter Jacksons finest masterpiece.

I would encourage everyone to watch the whole movie but the scene starting at 43.50 just cracks me up in particular.
I was a PJ gold man for many a year I must admit. Five smokes more than Winfield or B&H but a B&H special filter did deliver that sweet carolina goodness.


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