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Lunacy Fur Babies & other critters (the pets thread)


Leaf Dawg
This is a large jelly. :shocked:

Video at the link.


This incredible video shows a diver off the British coast swimming with a huge barrel jellyfish - that was 'as big as a her'.

Dan Abbott was filming marine life around the coast with biologist Lizzie Daly, host of BBC Earth.

On the last leg of their tour of the British Isles, the duo went for a dip off the coast of Falmouth, Cornwall, and spotted the massive jellyfish.



Enter the Dragon
Staff member
Some dude was playing pool in his house when he almost pocketed a ball in the corner when old mate popped his head out to day G'day



Well-Known Member

The friendly neighborhood racoons have become a bit too friendly. They have been foraging in our yard for years, looking for tasty treats and plain old needed food. They drive one of the dogs crazy every night. He just knows they are planning to take over and attack. His worst fears are being realized, and they have started coming in the cat door at night, and heading to the cat food bin. He tried to fight one a few years ago, when they came on the front porch. @Madri-Guy rushed out before the racoon killed the dog, the racoon being about 30 lbs bigger than our 5 lbs dog. The dog wasn't hurt, as Madri-Guy pulled the racoon off the dog and threw it before it could tear up the dog. This did upset the racoon, who defended herself by biting Madri-Guy on the hand. Stitches and rabies shots followed, but it was the dog who rushed onto the porch to fight, and she was being thrown. We don't begrudge the racoons, but we can't have them in the house. Now nighttime includes locking in cats, and out racoons. What can you do? They were here first.

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