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Tips Gummies questions


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How strong are gummies typically? How many does it take to catch a buzz?

I bought some silicone mj leaf gummy molds and they hold 1/2 tsp each. The recipe we're using has one cup of liquids. Plus honey, or a sweetener, and the canna portion.

One cup is 48 tsp or 96 1/2tsp doses. So over 100 gummy doses.

I'm trying to figure doses. I don't envision one gummy to be strong, but something noticable at least.

For now I'm going to use my medicated maple syrup as a sweetener, and it's very strong, but I don't have any numbers on it.
How strong are gummies typically? How many does it take to catch a buzz?
Most of the gummies I've seen for sale (the normal sized ones like you are describing... not the jumbo ones) are usually around 10mg. a piece. And it usually takes 10 of them to get me buzzed.

Without knowing the strength of your syrup, it's going to be hard to calculate dosages. Looks like you're going to have to go the guinea pig route lol.... :science:
I can now report some results.

The gummies turned out soft. Not enough gelatin? Powdered sugar drew out water and made some watery, so we left the majority plain.

The effects we're light, as expected. Taking one and waiting an hour gave me about a 3 out of ten.

I took one an hour for a total of 4, then went to bed. I maintained a nice mellow buzz that increased with each gummy.
I was probably a 7 when I went to bed.

I like the strength, and after being left on a tray in the fridge all night they firmed up a little.
A friend shared some gummies with me that he bought in CO. I believe they were titrated at 10mg doses which sounds like the "standard"

Pretty lame. I'd probably stick to DIY cannabutter myself but I suppose they are\ need to be concerned about the inexperienced customers greening out and winding up in the ED with panic attacks.

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