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Tips How to transport stinky vapes/herb


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On occasion I carry my fury 2 and a few capsules in my pocket. But if I'm in my truck going somewhere i generally
use mylar bags to carry my vapes. They're actually prepper food storage zip lock style bags I buy off amazon, but they are pretty good at trapping odors, and come in different sizes. The herb I grow is very stinky and I always transport herb in the bags, and as a caregiver I deliver so odor is a concern.

I did have a small smell proof pouch that I lost somewhere. And I won, in a raffle, a charcoal lined backpack, but I haven't used it for transporting, it's just too big for my small amounts.

Curious as to how others transport.
I like anonymous bags with mason jars. The jars do well to keep odors out and the anonymous bag with the lock ends up being one more hoop for someone to go through to know what's inside.

I got my first one at my caregiver, they said an extra warrant is required to have it unlocked to view the contents.


@psychonaut do you need an account on that site to see prices? I see a couple things that look interesting but can't find a price on anything.

Curious as to how others transport.
I was using a lockable Vaultz box. Either this one


or this one; depending on how much I was transporting.


But the smell was still an issue because my old caregiver would use baggies. My new caregiver uses Mason jars and there's no smell at all. I love it. However... they wont fit into the lock boxes I have. So the one's that psychonaut posted appeal to me. As does the duffel bag they carry.

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