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  1. momofthegoons

    Tips How to Use Concentrates in Edibles

    There have been a couple of questions recently on how to use concentrates in edibles (rather than fresh herb). This guideline will work with any form of concentrate; not just BHO. I've found that the taste is much better when using concentrates since you don't use as much. You can also add...
  2. psychonaut

    Meds How to dab your flower rosin and keep your nail clean too

    Flower rosin, especially buds pressed without a filter, usually contain some plant matter, and most definitely contains fats, waxes and lipids in the finished dabbable product. As amazing as flower rosin smells and tastes, a bit of your yield is these types of plant matter. Because of this...
  3. Shredder

    Tips How to transport stinky vapes/herb

    On occasion I carry my fury 2 and a few capsules in my pocket. But if I'm in my truck going somewhere i generally use mylar bags to carry my vapes. They're actually prepper food storage zip lock style bags I buy off amazon, but they are pretty good at trapping odors, and come in different sizes...
  4. BD9

    Tek Dry Ice Hash Tutorial

    This is a simple solvent free recipe for hash. If you feel this is too much to read, I've posted a 6 minute video at the bottom of the post. ENJOY! Three different grades of hash collected in only 15 minutes! What You Need to Make Dry Ice Hash One sanitized 5 gallon bucket Cannabis...
  5. herbivore21

    Tek Dry Sift

    This is the thread for Dry Sift hash techniques. It requires no potentially dangerous solvents, but yields much less than other techniques. You can expect a 5-10% yield of full melt dry sift hash from flowers at best. This will come at the expense of copious quantities of manual labor. Please...
  6. herbivore21

    Tek Bubble Hash

    This is the thread for bubble hash technique. For those of you who know me, bubble hash is my most beloved of techniques. My avatar picture (which is not a pig lol!) is an example of the beautiful resin extractions that can be made using this method. It requires no potentially dangerous...

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