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Accessories iDB enail handles


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Accessory Maker
Hey guys. New to this forum but some may know me or recognize my name. I’ve recently started making and selling enail driven vape accessories, and tools. Stems I will rarely do and really only on request. Currently doing customs but I will hopefully have some premade and in stock this weekend if I can get ahead of the custom curve and shipping goes smooth for the premade products materials as it’s in route now.
There is a slit on the bottom side that if the enail cords under the Kevlar wrap are laid flat in a row can fed into then the coil is pulled into the handle and pressure fitted. I have a video of it somewhere I’ll have to pull over and post. Very easy to put on and much faster than wrapping a handle with hemp and IMO much more elegant looking. My IG is @iDRINKBLEACH.dx.xb I hope you enjoy my work. Prices vary on wood or material type. Starts around $65 for most woods I’m currently using.

Edit- the video of putting a handle on.

I wrap once or so with tape just to alleviate pressure fitting metal against wood. It’s no necessary but I do suggest it because it will reduce the risking of damaging wood by a significant amount plus you will never see it.

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You have no idea how many people I have talked to about making these and I'm happy to say a batch is soon to be coming to a VGoodiEZ near you! Can't wait @iDRINKBLEACH ! I love the one I purchased as a sample! Beautiful work!

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