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Dab nail
An electronic dab nail that provides consistent temperature for concentrate vaporization.

    Vape XMAX RIGGO: Your Ultimate 2-in-1 Dabbing Solution!

    Greetings, esteemed members of VaporAsylum! We are excited to present the latest advancement in the world of dabbing – the XMax RIGGO. This innovative addition to the XMax VAPORIZER product line, crafted by the forward-thinking team at TopGreen, is here to revolutionize your dabbing journey...

    Accessories iDB enail handles

    Hey guys. New to this forum but some may know me or recognize my name. I’ve recently started making and selling enail driven vape accessories, and tools. Stems I will rarely do and really only on request. Currently doing customs but I will hopefully have some premade and in stock this weekend if...
  3. S

    Tips Enail Rig Suggestions

    I am fortunate to be moving and have a vape space/corner. Want to invest in a erig, and thinking of Flowerpot, since fixated on that. Any other suggestions? I've just started to do concentrates too.

    Discontinued Supreme V6

    Hello Vapor Asylum family! After years of enjoying my SV3 I looked into bringing the SV4 to the store knowing the SV3 had been discontinued. So I reached out to Ed and was informed that he was already moved onto the SV6! Don't ask me what happened to the SV5! :rofl: So as you can see the...
  5. BD9

    Vape High5 ENail Silver

    High5 E Nail Silver with Shatter Skin 20mm Coil $110.00 https://smokinjs.com/High5-D-Nail-Silver-with-Shatter-Skin-20mm-Coil-H5SS20/ "We've moved to the basic model without the USB charge port. So you can get the better model for less money. 1 year warranty from an American company! Quality...
  6. felvapes

    Vape Herborizer DigiTi

    What do ppl think of the herbilizer Digi Ti?...looks interesting too
  7. felvapes

    Vape Enail Kits and Bits

    https://www.dhgate.com/product/factory-direct-sale-cheap-smart-electronic/392519135.html https://www.dhgate.com/product/banger-e-quartz-nail-electric-dab-nail-box/409404833.html?recinfo=8,103,4#cppd-4-5|null:103:r0533303017 Also, what do ppl think of these? cheap shit or okay?
  8. BD9

    Vape Ditanium Vaporizer

    https://blog.puffitup.com/2018/08/ditanium-vaporizer-and-e-nail-first-impressions-lazy-review $259.00 https://www.puffitup.com/Ditanium-Vaporizer-p/di.vap.htm The Ditanium vaporizer's grade 2 titanium and quartz nail encloses a powerful ceramic heating element, perfect for both dry and oily...
  9. herbivore21

    Vape CCA710 Liger nails

    I thought I'd start a thread here, especially given that I've just gotten my hands on one of each of the new carb caps that the CCA folks have made. For those who don't know, the CCA710 Liger nail is a titanium banger style nail. It also has inserts available variously made out of sapphire...
  10. DieHard

    Vape Errlectric Concentration Station

    So, for me this is the Vaporizer that is capable of ticking all of the boxes. The Errlectric Concentration Station is an E-nail, but with the addition of the Herb Nail, this is an aamazing dry herb vape as well. By some magic it is able to get full extraction, yet the herbs are still green...
  11. fluffhead

    Misc. Your Current Lineup

    I am curious what vape(s) everyone uses and for what purposes. Many of us vaporists have been afflicted by VAS over the years and have lineups that change. I wanted a thread for everyone to have a place to share what vapes we use and why. I'll go first: @Pipes Project Eraser - daily driver with...
  12. lazylathe

    Vape AerTouch-TC - Custom PID controller

    Found this while cruising the web today! Looks like a rival to the HexNail just not as polished. · AerTouch-TC v1.1 Custom Introducing the AerTouch TC, Aerify Digital’s first touchscreen, web-enabled Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) based temperature control device! Housing the brand...

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