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MAV Pacifica Bubbler with Carb Cap for Dr. Dabber Dabber Switch

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Brand New-
The Pacifica Switch is the newest collaboration with an attachment for the amazing dr.dabber switch !
Comes from a very limited batch
• Made per order
• 9 inches tall
• dr. dabber switch compatibility
• Recycler function
• Vortex drain
• upside slitted shower puck perc
• Bent neck
• Engraved MAV logo and custom design
• 2 tone Purple
• Bowl is included
• matching bubble cap
• Made in California

Sold for $350 by Mav Glassworks
I am asking $175 (will consider other offers to a point), I pay the postage (USPS Priority Mail-insured)
Will ship anywhere in the U.S.A.
Send me a P.M. if you have any questions, or wish to discuss this deal
I thank you all who demonstrated interest in the piece... which got promised to the earliest taker this morning.
Unit has been sold
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VGoodiez 420EDC