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Vape Prrl Labs Neo


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This one has gotten a couple of us interested.. so I thought a thread was in order.

The Neo is available for pre-order.... from Prrl Labs directly or through @VGOODIEZ. With the pre-order discount the entire package comes in around $140 and at $120 for the Neo alone, plus shipping.




From the Prrl Labs site:

The Neo is a simple, pure, and innovative combustionless heating technology that delivers a smoke-free experience from any pipe. It is made from an advanced technical ceramic known as zirconia, which is used in medical devices and in luxury jewelry and watches. This material is exceptionally strong and has a refined finish.

We have partnered with one of the premier battery "mod" manufacturers, Eleaf, to provide a special power unit specifically for the Neo. It has USB-C fast-charging capabilities and uses a replaceable 18650 lithium ion battery that is easy to find on the market.

How it works​




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About pre-ordering:​

  • The first 500 Neos are currently being manufactured
  • We will open the shop for pre-orders starting September 24th, at 12:01PM Pacific
  • Follow @Prrl_Labs on Instagram for up-to-date information on special pricing
  • Pre-orders are scheduled to be shipped prior to the holidays

Just to finish up the pricing discussion... As @VGOODIEZ said, he is just passing along the price from Prrl Labs. When this pre-order rolled out it was as follows:

50% off preorder (limit 50)
40% off preorder (limit 75)
30% off preorder (limit 100) and this is where the preorders are at now...
20% off preorder (limit 275)


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I've been following @Prrl_Labs on IG, and I liked the look of this one. Ordered when it was 40% off. It makes me a bit nervous that I can't read reviews and opinions, but it seem like an idea worth supporting, so we shall see if I can figure out an opinion on my own.


Herb Gardener.....
I see it is a sipper not a ripper. Damm I was hoping to pull edge of combustion clouds.
That is disappointing it looks so promising...

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