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Lunacy Psychadelic


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A Trip to the Moon (Color).
Playing now on Netlix.
15 minutes of psychadelic fun.

Eugene is where all the old VW vans come to spawn and die . . . :biggrin:




Oh yes, I like, did a lot of mushrooms when I was in my twenties and always had a great time with it. Lots of laughs, lots of wondering and when in the right place beautiful things happened. Two trips stand out from all of them. One was were I could visualize the issues I had with myself at that time and I saw one of them as a really big dark cloud in the sky and I could just blow it away. Woke up the next morning and I changed the way I indulged in other stuff.

The other one was where I thought it was a very good idea to double my regular dose and I was in for quite the night. I was all over the place, thought I was in the middle of a forest while in fact we walked thru the garden and wondered upon the family camping next door.

During those times I did acid only once, and the dosage wasn't that much so although I had a great time it was a bit underwhelming. Now fast forward 15 years we got our hands on two acid trips which me and my wife had been looking forward to for a long long time. Because she hadn't done it before, and it was a long time for me as well, we did some proper planning and preparation. We made sure we did not have any plans the next day. We got healthy food because we read that eating with lucy can be a problem some times. We read stories about people not being able to down anything really, so we also got healthy drinks. Even some yogurt. We had a great breakfast, not to much, and then we took them not really sure what to expect. We had a great time, but we didn't see the universe come together nor did we had a really visual trip. In stead it felt like I was at a proper 10 for six hours straight and had massive laughing fits and had munchies like you've never seen munchies. It was great and in the interest has been peaked again. The way it felt it felt like a really good dosage to do it whilst on a festival, so that is up for coming summer. And I would like to double the dosage the next time we do it a more relaxing, surrounded by nature kind of environment.
When I was growing up my best friend had this cool black light in her room with a bunch of black light posters. We would crank up the music and lay on her round bed and listen to music. She was one of the first people I smoked a joint with.

I like looking at a lava lamp. I need to get one of those.

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