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Lunacy Real or not real....


Herb Gardener.....
This thread is for art that looks real, or reality that looks like art....

Like this..... art or real????


it was real...
I'm not telling on this one.


OR on this one...



This one is actually art.


Every little girl likes playing with her dolls. But some adult women take a step further: they collect reborn dolls and even treat them as real babies!

First reborns became popular in the late 1980s. Some artists decided to make high-quality baby dolls look even more realistic and alive, adding more hairs and skin tones to the vinyl toys. The results of their work were highly estimated! The dolls, now called "reborns", found their connoisseurs and such a hobby became extremely popular. Nowadays, the artists call themselves "reborners" and create hundreds of realistic rubber infants to the collectors' delight.
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