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Leaf Dawg
Where the fuck is @arb?! I think he would love the Rio.

$219.00 ships free!

The RIO by Stache Products is an innovative coil-less cold start vaporizer that packs a punch and is easy on the eyes.

The new RIO is a ground breaking cold start vaporizer for liquid materials that prides itself on being all-inclusive and fully mechanical, so there's no need to replace coils. With its easy-to-use and low-maintenance design, portability, and variety of vibrant and unique colors, The RIO is sure to make an enjoyable addition to your collection.

Key Features:

  • Cold Start- Torch Heating
  • All-In-One Design- No Coils to Replace!
  • Beautiful Base Color Options (The marbling colors layered over your chosen base color and their patterns will vary as each Rio is unique)

Easy to Use:
Start by placing your liquid material into the bottom of your quartz banger. Then twist the gas knob and click the igniter to light the torch. Adjust your flame to an appropriate level by starting low and working your way up to a flame size which adequately heats the material. Heating should take anywhere from 12-20 seconds. When the liquid material has started to melt and bubble, you're ready to inhale.

If you're using more material or would like a warmer draw, you may choose to leave the flame on as you start your inhale. For a smaller amount or if you prefer a cooler temperature, you may choose to turn the torch off sooner. You can always choose to add more heat if you need it!

If you've chosen to use the optional carb cap, giving it a couple of twists will help to ensure that your material touches more of the surface area for more vapor, improved flavor, and more intensity. Placing a finger over the hole will also help to increase vaporization. You may want to experiment with these options to see what works best for you!

What's in the Box:
  • Glass H2O Piece with Inline Percolator (14mm Female)
  • Quartz Banger
  • Rio Base
  • Torch with Overflow Valve
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Loading Tool
  • Zip Up Carrying Case with Eva Foam
  • User Manual
Screenshot_2019-09-02 The Rio by Stache Products - Puffitup .png
Lol!!! @BD9 you beat me to it. I saw this on Puffitup's site this morning. Thanks for posting about it.

Seems to be at the lower end, price wise, of these types of portable dab rigs. Comes in at $219.00.

It will be interesting to see the reviews on this regarding durability. No coils or atty's to replace... interesting....
The RiO is a unique but cool device. At first I was pretty skeptical but after over 6 months of use (at first with the OG, and now with the newer updated RiO) I can honestly say this has become pretty special to me. At the moment it's actually my most used concentrate device overall, and its always my first choice if I am on the go. It has perfectly filled the niche of a vape to take camping or to outdoor concerts, and with the case and silicone stoppers I can actually prefill it with water, shove it into the case, put the case into my backpack and then go biking or skiing.

You can check out my full RiO review here


Do any of you guys have this unit? Are you using it mostly at home or on the go? Were you as surprised by it as I was?
I got one of these coming, this was fun to watch, ol mouthpuller got hit hard, :biggrin:
You're right... that was fun to watch.

I can see this being a good unit for you to take camping with you. I know that Zakk at PIU has had it out and about. I believe @VaporizerWizard has also used one while camping...

Can't wait to hear what you think.

The carrying case combined with the silicone stoppers which allow you to keep the glass full of water without spilling make it surprisingly easy and portable for camping. I have brought my RiO a lot more places that I originally expected I would
How does the timber 'bounce' compared to the silicone?

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