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  1. R

    Tips Torch vs WoodScents

    I'd like to hear descriptions of the difference some get when using torch vs using a WoodScents with a DV based stem.. With the torch I feel I get more of a smack in the face type hit when wanted. I've yet to reattached the bottom leather on my WS since it was dropped. Just trying to be sure I...
  2. bulllee

    Vape The Terp Torch

    I just saw this from Sneaky Pete and thought this looked interesting. I might burn the shit outta myself though :lmao:
  3. BD9

    Vape RIO By Stache

    Where the fuck is @arb?! I think he would love the Rio. $219.00 ships free! https://www.puffitup.com/The-RIO-by-Stache-Products-p/stch.rio.htm https://www.puffitup.com/product-p/stch.rio-101_trch.htm https://www.puffitup.com/product-p/stch.rio-102_bgr.htm The RIO by Stache Products is an...
  4. Mike-Topbond

    Vape Odin and Torch Vaporizers by Topbond

    Hello, VAPORASYLUM members Introduced by my friend to this forum. It looks great here. Well done, VAPORASYLUM Staffs. Hope it is Okay to start a thread for our vapes here. Here is the brief features of Odin and Torch Vapes: Odin: 1, Mix of conduction and convection 2, Anodized alum...

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