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Vape SHOW US YOUR BALLS - Ball vapes - user experience and comparisons

Just finished trimming dried buds ready for curing and brushed out the trays the branches were transported for a few meters in for the job...makes for a frosty ball time!

Mostly looks like dry sift with a few stamen/stigma/leaf (hair?) chucked in...yes it was a bit 'tart/tickly' but the flavor/effects were/are great
Just finished trimming dried buds ready for curing and brushed out the trays the branches were transported for a few meters in for the job...makes for a frosty ball time!
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Mostly looks like dry sift with a few stamen/stigma/leaf (hair?) chucked in...yes it was a bit 'tart/tickly' but the flavor/effects were/are great
I'm bricked.
A little more civilized...sans hair. A little bit of fresh cut quick dry outdoor/ dry but not cured indoor/ standard fare/ plus a blob of high temp/pressure rosin,

I really enjoy watching the green turn brown, here is the depth of tonight's challenge,

Not for the faint-hearted but nothing a seasoned vaper would have too much trouble with.bonghit
Ball vapes have loads of power for that extra punch that is needed for some herb sandwiches. I just finished vacuum sealing my last crop and brushed the huge CVault burping tin clean of its trichomes onto a load of said freshly cured bud just to make sure it was ripe,



I dropped the glass carb cap on the load to compress it (as there was more than anticipated) so the injectors would not hit it, it bubbled like a low temp dab!

Followed,by...oh my,
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what temp did you use?
630 on the Ceroma PID and 615 on the Ti, my RDK200 offset has been tweaked for the Dnail so will be different from others' results.
Really enjoying the Taroma 360 @380 - putting the heater on and waiting for the temp to drop on the controller and recover about half way for big tasty one or 2 draw extractions - as my daily driver for the last few weeks.

And noticed a few more new ones
I think Cannabis Hardware have been watching the scene and responded with some new heads :)
The F22 - which sits on their 22mm bowl
The F16 - for injector bowls
The Tomcat - double ended so it's compatible with both bowls

The Tiodw mini 2.0 from b2cvape which is also compatible with both the CH 22m and injector bowls and I think is a little taller so it requires more balls and some coil stretching
The Tiodw mini 2.0 from b2cvape
I took the coil off my Tiodw and put it on my new mini(along with the balls) and have to run the PID at 65f lower for the same roast ABV as the older unit(Tiodwv3), my 1/2 Ceroma also needs more on the PID for similar ABV. So the new Tiodw mini will save a bit of power over the year. It also seems to have better airflow and vapor starts faster with it.
The mini2 came out 2 days after I ordered the mini. :watchout:
I found some more pics of the CH Tomcat on their site ....

And wanted to share another way of using the Taroma lite plus (and maybe some of their other heads), I've found.
As I'm too cheap to buy a Taroma stand I've been using a RastaBuddhaTao stem as a stand for my 360
Which of coarse led to me trying to place other heads on the stand, without thinking lol
And discovering that the Taroma lite plus injector fits over the RBT stem
So I've been using the Taroma lite plus like a 360 with the RBT stem
It's no where near as powerful as the 360 but it works well for small and micro 1 or 2 hitters
Try to imagine the mouthpiece from a RBT Splinter or Milaana (I think you got 2 in the box with most of his vapes so I've got a few in my spares drawer)
in a normal wide base 18mm stand

The 360 bowl is 18mm OD and the RBT stem is 16mm OD so it slips on and off easily, and the 360 drops down over about half of the stem (about 30mm) which is plenty to hold it securely on a wide base stand and keep it stable on the table (as they say :) )
Using a Cloud Buddy with an interference fit screen allows you to have the load placed closer to the heat so you can run much lower temperatures...they do have their downsides though, need to be careful when stirring between puffs!

Like a trap door spider web. :smug:
Last night's Temazapan replacement, High&Low temp rosin, Indica Medical and Incredible Bulk in the B2CVape Ti bowl,
Cannabis Hardware have some new wireless offerings (like the Zeal and Dab ready)

And b2cvape have released what looks like a Taroma360 copy and matching bowls and extra long coils for it
And are now stocking long 20mm coils to replace the stretched coils for heads like the Taroma lite plus
I have been experimenting with using rosin in my B2CVape, works better than the raw bubble hash,

I ended up using a S&B concentrate pad similar to above but just on top of a normal bud load to get the rosin hotter and it works pretty well.
I have found the S&B Mighty concentrate pad is great for 'mopping up' the dregs from a concentrate container and works well topped on a herb load,

It only takes a small amount of rosin scraps to really boost a load flavour wise...and effects.
Been micro-dosing,
Brushing out 'empty' mason jars and my 21ltr(5gallon?) CVault, not sure which was which but I am sure the TIODW Mini will vape them nicely...I like how the ball vapes can consume pretty well anything,

The Chaos core has been something that's been worked on for quite a while now.
The first outing saw the core in a cordless log form.
After the TA came together it seemed only right to adapt it for butane use. Or it'll sit in a 25mm axial coil.
The bowl is 23.5mm wide, 15/16".
Nice large surface area exposing more trichomes to the incoming hot air.
It's about the volume of 8 VC bowls. TA adapters are included.
There are approximately 400 3mm borosilicate beads in the core. Plenty of mass and that all important hot surface area.
Limited number of Cherry available at @VGOODIEZ or message me here.
There will be more like the Walnut coming when I get time away from TA parts


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