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  1. peaceandquietworldnow!

    Angus Halogen Vapes (2)

    Angus 50 watt Halogen Vaporizers Have 2 For Sale for $200 or $100 each,thanks and contact here,One a excellent and one like new Condition Angus Angus 50 watt Halogen Vaporizers, Like New and Excellent Condition, $100 each shipped. One is New and one Excellent condition
  2. LesPlenty

    Vape Venty by Storz and Bickel

    Oct 17 is the official release date, lots of interesting bits to check out.
  3. felvapes

    Vape SHOW US YOUR BALLS - Ball vapes - user experience and comparisons

    Just thought we could start a thread discussing ball vapes in general and the differences, choices, user experience and comparisons if people own more than one style I have found them to be such a brilliant introduction to the vaping scene and essentially what I was looking for and more from the...
  4. 420SOS

    Tips Top ways to stealth vape

    This thread was inspired by @momofthegoons who kindly complimented me on one of my articles, I wrote an article about the best ways to stealth cannabis Consumption which I hope to share with you but It is more for beginners. Vaping is one of the most efficient way to conceal cannabis...
  5. Marlon Rando

    Tips Traveling abroad with Vapes

    Curious how many of you have travelled internationally with a Dynavap, Wax pen, or any other vape related gear? Safe or no.
  6. Diggy Smalls

    Misc. New ways to use vapes

    This thread is for the strange ways we use our vapes. Some people are content to use their vaporizers the way the manufacturers intended, and other people like me are always thinking What If? To start it off, I am using the InstaHeat cartridge as the heat source for an Elev8r bowl. No adapter...
  7. LesPlenty

    Accessories VVPS AC and DC Variable Voltage Power Supply for Log Vapes

    I have been asked by quite a few vaporists about power supplies, both AC (home wall plug) and DC (car accessory plug/battery) power options for their 12v log vapes and have come up with the following options that can be used at home or on the go. There will be no soldering or special tools like...
  8. fluffhead

    Misc. Your Current Lineup

    I am curious what vape(s) everyone uses and for what purposes. Many of us vaporists have been afflicted by VAS over the years and have lineups that change. I wanted a thread for everyone to have a place to share what vapes we use and why. I'll go first: @Pipes Project Eraser - daily driver with...

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