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DIY Solo 2 Sneaky Cup


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Sitting around thinking of stuff to 3D print and I came up with this - I call it the Sneaky Cup. Would be the most discreet with one of those white/marshmallow stems. Holds an extra stem.

When I saw that, my first thought was "Brilliant! I need that! " and I neither take my vapes out, or buy fast food drinks. I would though. If I had one of those, I'd be at a drive through in ten minutes. Will you be making one for the Air?
Gives new meaning to Solo Cup.
You have some great ideas. In my mind, stands and holders are helpful. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Mom's right, as usual, and you could put accessory maker under your name, tell us how much you want for your goodies, and what colors they come in, and you will be in biznez.
Just checked, and I have a nondisposible travel cup, that looks like the throwaway. That makes this even more interesting, in that I wouldn't have to wonder about opacity, and I wouldn't have to hunt down a cup each time I went out. If the measurements are the same as your model cup, that is . Not sure the hole for the straw is big enough, but I'd figure something out. This is a great idea. Stealth vape, hiding in plain sight. Sell the travel cups as well. And straws.
Sorry, got a bit over enthusiastic there. This just strikes me as brilliant, and useful, and fun, and creative. I can't wait to hear more. A faux Solo for my Solo. Simply delightful. :clap::weed::clap::weed::clap:
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