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Sticky Brick Jr giveaway - photo contest!

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I'm Gregory from VapeFully.com and I'm happy to announce our first giveaway in collaboration with Vapor Asylum! You can win the Sticky Brick Jr - a great butane vaporizer that delivers massive clouds of tasty and potent vapor!

Untitled design(1).png

In order to win the SB Jr, share a picture of your favorite vape spot. The rules are simple:

1. Submit a photo of your favorite vape spot - either on VaporAsylum.com or on IG with the #vapefullyspot hashtag;
2. If you share your photo on Instagram you have to follow @thevaporasylum and @VapeFully as well.
3. One entry per participant.
4. Participants must be +18.
5. Entry photo cannot be published earlier as an entry in another contest - original and self-made pics only!

Contest ends on 8/25/18 with the winner announced on 8/28/18.

Good luck everyone!

Kind regards,

The top of pikes peak was my favourite place to vape ever... a long way to go for an english man to go for session.. but well worth it... cant wait to go back...
One of my favourite spots to have a vape but what a bastard walk back to the car. Better to have a vape & chill for an hour or two. So remote, yet so close to the CBD

I like to vape near water, Guide Falls Tasmania earlier today;

Guide Falls Vape Spot 20180819.jpg
I used to work in places like that, try doing 12 hour shift work there and see how much you like it then.:lol:
Quite a few employees got sacked because of drug testing, I believe the employer should have supplied them to us to put up with the place.:thumbsup:
Or as @LesPlenty said - water
I live on a lake and need that water.....

This was a protest camp to get affordable housing for Aboriginal people in the city on land that the local community owns...... 2014 - 2016 and elders living in tents right in the middle of Sydney city Australia....

photo is a good one to show the contrast against the city background

I enjoyed many a good night round the fire feeling toasty warm and nicely toasted sharing stories and knowledge with people from all walks and places.....

I was security most nights and maintenance man, tent builder
I wired the whole place up with 12 volt batteries and solar panels
we had off grid lights laptop and phone charger
stereo and speakers made from cardboard boxes
had our own raised garden beds
cooked with a cast iron camp oven and a hot plate all on the fire
Hello Everyone,

thank you all for such a great entries! It was tough choice but finally we're happy to announce the winner - @duff, you nailed it! :-) Congratulations from our team here in Poland! Please provide us (PM) with your shipping details so we can send your Sticky Brick Jr over the pond ;-) Once again - congratulations, mate!

Keep an eye for our other giveaways/contets - both here and on our Instagram!

Kind regards,
Congrats @duff , a well deserved winner.
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