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  1. Yocan

    Vape Yocan Dyno

    Finally, with the efforts of all R&D staff and Yocan spirit of continuous innovation, Yocan Dyno new generation of digital nectar collectors has been launched. Its stylish appearance and intelligent operation redefine the nectar collector. The following introduces the characteristics of Yocan...

    Vape XMAX V3 NANO

    At XMax, we're dedicated to perfecting the world of dry herb vaping, and today, we're excited to introduce the XMax V3 NANO. This compact marvel, closely related to our best-selling XMax V3 PRO, brings innovation and convenience in a pocket-friendly design. ✨ Simplicity Meets Excellence: The...
  3. momofthegoons

    6th Anniversary Giveaway

    It's been 6 years since the asylum opened it's doors..... TIME FOR A GIVEAWAY!!!!!! ******* PRIZE ******* MadHeaters Gen 2 Revolve complete with: Direct air flow tube Glass sleeve (5) pack mesh filters O-ring kit The Torch by Blazer Asylum swag: T-shirt Stickers Button What do you...
  4. momofthegoons

    Asylum 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

    Oh..... it's Christmas time and the holidays are here.... And Santa made a stop at the asylum. He and the elves picked out just the right gifts for one lucky inmate. Because even Santa loves good vaping accessories What did he bring? A beautiful debowler made by Aezhenn (this portion...
  5. momofthegoons

    Trick or Treat..........Halloween Giveaway

    2022 Halloween Giveaway It's that time of year again........ feeling spooky? Cause I have some treats to give away... PRIZE Ispire Wand Dynavap Tectonic with SS tip and cap Dynastash Asylum dab mat Asylum t-shirt Stickers And what do you need to do? RULES Post...
  6. momofthegoons

    420 Giveaway!!!

    You know what day it is? It's...... And you know what that means? It means a GIVEAWAY!!!!! All you need to do is post something cannabis related. What will you win? A Blackwood and Bocote stem made by @phattpiggie (stand not included) AND A 'stash jar' with an Ash...
  7. momofthegoons

    5th Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Hard to believe the Asylum is 5 years old. This calls for a celebration.... and a celebration around here means a GIVEAWAY!!! What are we giving away? A Master Set from Skilletools in carrying case Vapor Asylum Dab mat Vapor Asylum t-shirt and stickers ISO/Q-tip jar What do...
  8. momofthegoons

    Asylum 4th Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Asylum Inmates.......... It's been 4 years since the Asylum opened? Well.... it's time to celebrate with a giveaway! And boy oh boy do I have a prize for you! @phattpiggie turned it up this time with a beautiful desktop (plug in) induction heater and matching Dynavap stem. It comes...
  9. Yocan

    Yocan Amor Plus Giveaway

    Hi Guys, Do you want to try the Yocan Armor Plus vape pen? Just enter this Yocan Armor Plus giveaway for free. The Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer is the of premium dab pen and is the successor to the original Yocan Armor. Main Features: Discreet yet effective Popular QDC Coil & QTC Coil Quartz Tri...
  10. momofthegoons


    After putting 2020 to rest, I think it's time to smile and have some fun. So let's have a giveaway!!!!! :biggrin: What will you win? Prize Custom stand with bowl and stem made by @Aezhenn (includes Dynavap tip and cap) Vertigo single flame torch Asylum t-shirt, pin and stickers...
  11. momofthegoons


    I've been concocting a little giveaway....... It's that time of year to get a little spooky and have some fun! And what is the prize....? Prize Dynavap Orion portable induction heater Dynavap Hemp Shield zipper case Dynavap 2020 'M' VaporAsylum T-shirt Assorted VA stickers and a VA pin...
  12. momofthegoons

    Feeling Creative? Design our new graphic!

    ATTENTION ALL VAPOR ASYLUM INMATES................. It's time for a new look! And what better place to ask than the inmates themselves? We've had a couple different designs for our stickers, shirts, etc.... but I would love to get some new ideas. Some of our past designs: I'd love to...
  13. momofthegoons

    Two Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Hard to believe but the Asylum has reached it's two year point. :biggrin: And you know what that means..... Well... and have a giveaway..... :razz2: I've been waiting for this one...... :aaaaa: Did a little shopping last summer andI contacted SmokinJ's . He gave me a hella deal on a...
  14. momofthegoons

    Community STICKERS!!!!

    Well now..... Anybody want some? :cool: I have a couple different designs.... the one shown and also the guy in a straight jacket... some puffitup as well.... and would love to spread some forum love. So, if you are interested in some stickers, shoot me a pm and I'll get a few sent out...
  15. Screenshot_20181118-005114


  16. Ed's TnT

    Make a wish, win a one of a kind WoodScents

    ******Contest has been extended one week. It now ends on Dec. 7th, winner to be announced Dec. 8th.****** Have been thinking its been a while since I did a giveaway/contest. Having so many wonderful blessings this past year and the one before, seeing my family grow and strengthen. The biz is...
  17. momofthegoons

    Halloween Giveaway

    :rip: Ready to get Spooky? :rip: It's time for our Halloween Giveaway........... :rip: 1st. Prize :rip: A Dynavap t-shirt The 2018 'M' Vertigo double flame torch A JYARZ Satchmo Stickers :rip: 2nd Prize :rip: A Vapor Asylum t-shirt A Puffitup herb container A Puffitup silicone dab...
  18. momofthegoons

    Labor Day, Back to School, Empty Nest giveaway.....

    It's hard to believe that summer is almost over..... and it's time for folk to get back to school. For some this means actually going to school... and for some it means getting their house back to themselves and being able to vape without 'hidiing.' :razz2: So in celebration of all of this I...
  19. VapeFully

    Sticky Brick Jr giveaway - photo contest!

    Hello, I'm Gregory from VapeFully.com and I'm happy to announce our first giveaway in collaboration with Vapor Asylum! You can win the Sticky Brick Jr - a great butane vaporizer that delivers massive clouds of tasty and potent vapor! In order to win the SB Jr, share a picture of your...
  20. momofthegoons

    Summer Giveaway

    Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far.... :sun_smiley: :zplayita: :sun_smiley: I received a lovely 'care package' from @Dynavap last week. Which means...... It's giveaway time!!!!!! We have a lovely Cocobolo Nonavong, a dark wood Dynastash with concentrate container, a 2018 M...

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