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Peter Popoff’s ‘Miracle Spring Water’​

After sending for the self-proclaimed prophet's water, we're still waiting for our financial miracle.

Miracle Spring Water
A sample of Peter Popoff's debt cancelling miracle spring water. | (Photo: YouTube/Ankh Infinitus)
Peter Popoff, the controversial televangelist who amassed millions from a "prophetic anointing" that was later revealed to have come, at least in part, from information fed to him over a radio by his wife, Elizabeth, is now hawking baggies of "miracle spring water" that promises to rid its drinkers from debt.

The wealth-attracting water is being marketed through Popoff's website and early morning and late night broadcasts on popular Cable TV channels like Black Entertainment Television (BET) despite a wealth of evidence, including a report by noted skeptic, James Randi, that his miracle ministry reeks

i just saw an ad for this on late night TV. Online ad said, not to drink the water. I guess you hold on to it and it gives you financial luck. You might strike oil in the back yard or find a pirates treasure in your attic.
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