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Lunacy The Beats

I saw these dudes do this at a cool smaller venue that had just opened in Cambridge called The Sinclair around 2012. Place was packed with a high energy crowd, too. Good show but we left a little early. I like it, but I can't take a lot of this type of stuff and we needed smoke etc... TikTok has since totally taken it over and now the song is huge...! Kinda cool, I guess, but I'm sure it's e$pecially cool for them... they de$erve it...:

King Khan & BBQ Show - Love You So

Edit: I'm pretty sure they slapped this vid together with canned footage later on. Still cool tho...
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Well I've never seen nobody
That could talk as much as you
Well you must be drinking bourbon
And smooooking reefers too!

Buddy Johnson - Shut Your Big Mouth (Girl)

And the appropriate response (from his sister, btw):

Buddy & Ella Johnson - (Gotta Go) Upside Your Head
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Hope you guys don't mind me cutting ahead? Snooze ya lose...:razz2::wink::thumbsup:

I don't care what anyone says (which is pretty much everyone besides the kids, Erin never liked it either...ha), I love this album. It brings back many fond memories of the house in Ogunquit, ME after we toned it waaay down and when the kids were still toddlers ('04 Lilly & '06 Sam), after we stopped inviting all our friends up (total open door policy) for week long summer bashes all thru the 90s, but we'd always take 2 tho, with 1 for just us... But later on, the kids loved bopping around the house to this cranked up. Some are pretty good, some maybe not as much, but I think it's a fun summer album... with plenty of BEATS. Crank up the sub!:

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights Re-Whipped (2006 Remixes)

1 Whipped Cream
2 A Taste of Honey
3 Green Peppers
4 Ladyfingers
5 Love Potion #9
6 Peanuts
7 Tangerine
8 El Garbanzo9 Lemon Tree
10 Lollipops and Roses
11 Bittersweet Samba
12 Butterball
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More Buddy!

Buddy Johnson Orchestra - A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac & Some Money)

What else could one want?

I got into Buddy from this 2-cd set we got back in the early 90s... really good stuff you don't see very often:
Various - Mercury R&B (1946-62) album cover

Mercury R&B (1946-62)
Ain't it the toof, amirite, boyz ('n' gurls)...?!:

Chuck Prophet - I Bow Down and Pray to Every Woman I See - No Love Love

As it should be, I suppose...:thinker::naughty2::nod::razz2::dog::peace:

Edited cuz I can...

I'm sure you knew "her", or of her, at one point, maybe? I sure did...:

Chuck Prophet - Storm Across The Sea - No Other Love
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