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Lunacy The Beats


Vapor Sloth
I'm on cruise control right now . . . this is the perfect lullaby . . . :sleeping:



Vapor Sloth
Another mellow tune . . . David Gilmore - The Blue . . . feat David Crosby and Graham Nash.



Homage to the deep sea dweller
@Prolusio I just downloaded the Madness Of Many thru Spotify. "The Braindance" triggered some good vibes

I have the 10inch set of the Basscadet mixes and this version is my favorite one. All the vinyls in this set is meant to be played at 45rpm's. This song however gets really dramatic when played at 33rpm's. This song literally brings tears to my eyes because of the sheer beauty it expresses.

Speaking of drama

I saw John Hopkins at Bloc festival in the UK and he blew me, and my group of friends whom all have at least 20 years of electronic music experience, totally away. At the end of his performance we were all grinning and fell into each others arms. We couldn't believe what we saw, what we heard and felt. For a lot of us that night we got a feeling back that we lost a while ago. The realization that when there is something that blows you out of the water it will still blow you out of it.
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@Drexciya I'm glad you enjoyed "Braindance" enough to download the album! Animals as leaders is one of my favourite bands. I had a very similar experience seeing them live with my friends as you did with John Hopkins. I'm also excited to see some fans of the heavier stuff around here as well :headbang:

@BD9 / @I'm Ron Burgundy? Thanks for sharing 311. I'd never heard of them before; I'm going to get that album. It's art alone intrigued me, definitely my style.

The video intro is a little long but worth the wait imo..

I saw this live as well at the aforementioned event Animals as leaders was playing at. My buddy loved it so much he played it for some sort of exam in music school.

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