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Vape The Core


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Well... it looks like we have another release of this type of concentrate e-rig.... The Core by Shenzhen. Apparently this one has a fully isolated air path.


From PIU's site:

The CORE is an ultra-portable, ultra-powerful, e-nail that is compatible with all Sai Plus and Sequoia coils from Shenzhen Crossing.

The CORE has innovation and style with a top glass water bubbler to cool and filter vapor, and your choice of automatic or manual heating modes. Choose between 4 preset heat levels or hold the button to heat the atomizer manually. Crisp LED indicator lights and haptic feedback (vibration notifications) will keep you informed, and the 60 second cycle timer, or manual 15 second cycle timer will keep you and your material safe! The directional airflow carb cap helps control the airflow and allows you to easily move your material around while you're using your CORE, making sure that the material is perfectly, evenly heated, and preventing any waste!

Key Features:
  • Quick heating. Our testing shows the Core reaches the highest temp in 13 seconds
  • Portable, travel friendly size and shape
  • Convenient Travel Casing
  • Sai Plus/Sequoia Coil Compatibility
  • Water Bubbler for Cool, Filtered Vapor
  • Directional Glass Carb Cap for Airflow Control
  • 4 Preset Temperatures or Manual Temperature Control
  • Automatic Shutoff Timer 60 or 15 Seconds
  • Haptic Feedback (vibrations) and LED Indicator Lights
  • USB-C Charging
  • Silicone Cover for a Protected Heater Base
  • Single Button Control
Using the Core:
The CORE is powered on by pressing the button 5 times in quick succession. The LED lights will indicate the remaining charge. (Green for full, White for medium, Blue for low, and Red for very low.) Change the heat setting by pressing the button 3 times. LED lights will then indicate the temperatures. (Green for high, White for medium/high, Blue for medium, and Red for low.) Once an appropriate temperature has been selected for your coil, you're good to go! Press and hold the button to manually heat the atomizer for up to 15 seconds or press the button twice to start an automatic heating cycle instead. In automatic heating cycles the CORE will preheat and then vibrate when it's ready to use!

Included Items in Core Original:
  • The CORE E-Nail
  • Glass Water Bubbler
  • Carp Cap with Tether
  • Triple Titanium with Black Ceramic Coil (pre-installed)
  • Titanium Bucket coil
  • Quartz Bucket Coil
  • 5 Q-Tips
  • 2 Alcohol Pads
  • 1 Silicone Storage Container
  • 1 Loading Tool
  • 1 USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 Power Adapter (USA Style Plug)
  • 2 O-Rings
  • 1 Travel Case with Foam
  • 1 Protective Silicone Cover for Heating Base
  • User Manual

1 year manufactures warranty on the base unit. 1 month limited warranty for the atomizer

List price is $189.00

However PIU is offering 20% off right now with code THECORE20 which brings it down to $152.00

Replacement buckets come in at $15 for the triple coil and $19 for either the Ti or the ceramic buckets.
Replacement carb caps come in at $6
Replacement glass top piece comes in at $30
The PUFFEDUP discount code works on the replacement parts taking 15% off the list price.

And.. from their blog:

Getting to the Heart of The CORE

The new CORE vaporizer by Shenzhen Crossing is the latest and greatest e-rig to hit our shelves and we want to tell you all about it!

You may be familiar with Shenzhen Crossing from their beloved concentrate vaporizer, The Saionara! Just like the Sai, the CORE offers a variety of coil options and customization to dial in the perfect experience! It features USB C charging and comes with a bubble directional carb cap to move your concentrates around the dish!

The glass top of The COREfeatures two holes for just the right amount of cooling percolation, while featuring a tapered mouthpiece to concentrate all of the flavor before it hits your tongue! You can use as much or as little water as you’d like with The CORE - more water will cool your vapor more while less water will have more flavor in your rips! As a guideline, be sure to use enough water to cover the two percolation holes while leaving at least a centimeter of space between the water and the top of the airflow column in the center of the perc.

The CORE includes a standard bubble cap and supports most standard bubble style carb caps! The beveled edge of the removable vapor dome allows for a perfect seal when using bubble style caps. If you already own some bubble caps, give them a shot and see which one you like best!

The vapor dome can be quickly removed for easy cleaning - it pops right off with a little tug! Coils are removed by rotating counter clockwise, and the buckets themselves can also be removed by inserting a coin in the coil’s “coin slot” and twisting counter clockwise.

Be sure to clean your buckets up with a cotton swab after every session! A clean bucket is a happy, tasty bucket after all! A quick swab around the bucket with a Q-tip when your session is over will keep everything looking (and tasting!) sparkly fresh!

When your CORE is ready to charge, plug it into the included USB-C cable and charging block. The device requires approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge. The light will pulse red while charging and will change to a solid green light once fully charged.

The CORE kit includes three coils to start: a triple black ceramic coil, a titanium bucket coil, and a quartz bucket coil! The device has four power settings: two settings for the triple black ceramic coil (Green and Blue) and two settings for bucket coils (White and Red). Think of these as “low temp” and “high temp” settings for the respective coils!

The CORE features both on demand and session mode options for taking a rip! The black ceramic coil is designed for quick on demand rips whenever you need a fast cloud, while the buckets were designed to provide tasty perfect-temperature rips of vapor!

How to Use The CORE
Powering the device on and off:

Click the power button 5 times to turn The CORE device on and off. When you power on the device, the light will blink to show your battery level. Green is full, White is about half charged, Blue is getting low, and Red means you should pop it on the charger!

Changing the heat setting:

Click the power button 3 times to change the heat setting on The CORE e-rig. The temperatures are as follows:

Red: LOW on the Triple Titanium Coil

Blue: HIGH on the Triple Titanium Coil

White: LOW on the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket Coils

Green: HIGH on the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket Coils

Using the Triple Ceramic Coil:
Only use Red and Blue settings on the Triple Titanium Coil!

On demand rips work the best with the Triple Titanium coil! Load your material onto the coils inside the atomizer (we recommend the size of half a grain of rice per coil), seat the carb cap on top of the dome, and press and hold the power button for 8-10 seconds while inhaling. Pulse the button for 4-5 second intervals for the best tasting clouds of vapor. The device has a 15 second time-out warning if you hold the button too long to prevent burning your load.

To use session mode, double click the button - the device will start pre-heating and the light will start pulsing. Once the device vibrates, it’s ready to rip! After 60 seconds the heating cycle will disengage. To end a heating cycle early, just click the power button once!


Using the bucket coils:
Only use White and Green settings on the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket coils!

Session mode works best with the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket coils! Load your material into the bucket - the size of a grain of rice tends to work best! Place the carb cap on top of the dome and double click the button. The device will begin to pre-heat and should vibrate once it’s ready to rip!

Pull slowly on the device while rotating the carb cap for the best rip. Use the airflow from the carb cap to direct your material around the dish! The device will vibrate when the session ends. You can always double click the button again to take it for another session! To end a heating cycle early, click the button a single time. Be sure to use a cotton swab to clean out the bucket once your session is over!

On demand mode: Load your concentrate into the bucket (we recommend the size of half a grain of rice for on demand rips), place the carb cap on top of the dome, and hold the power button down for 8-10 seconds at a time while slowly inhaling.


Cleaning The CORE
First, remove the glass attachment from the device by gently pulling it up and away from the base. Pour out the water and fill the glass attachment with a little isopropyl alcohol. Shake the alcohol around to clean off any residue inside the water pipe attachment!

Next, remove the vapor dome and carb cap and wipe them down with isopropyl alcohol. Practice healthy CORE exercises by cleaning the vapor dome and carb cap regularly, as keeping them clean will help with providing more time between deep cleanings!

Unscrew the coil from the base of the device by pressing down on it and screwing counter clockwise. Left loosey! Wipe the coil down with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol. If cleaning a bucket coil, insert a coin into the coin slot (a US quarter or similar sized coin works perfectly) and twist counter clockwise. The buckets themselves can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean them up. Use a cotton swab to scrub off any built up residue.

Be sure to allow everything to thoroughly dry after cleaning!
Carp Cap with Tether
Hehe, comes with a pet fish!
That looks like a great little setup, Sai tech that we know works well, USB C...yay.
I am not usually an early adopter of new vapes but this tech is tried and proven (quartz and Ti buckets are pretty tough when paired to Sai plate heaters)
I already have a Puffitup account but have never gone through with a purchase due to high postage costs...it might be time to try again.

Here is a pretty good review, at least the guy has lived with it for a while before his review, his comment about using it hard followed by saying 6 or 7 dabs a day did make me chuckle...that is just brekkie for me, anyway,

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Well... I caved. I've been curious about this type of vape for a while and the price was right. Haven't had a chance to use it yet... and will get back on how I feel about it's performance later.

For now, I can tell you that it comes in a nice carrying case and that they seem to have made a complete little kit of this.... There's a complete list of what they include in my OP post.

I'll be interested in seeing if this is any better than just using the SAI native... or any other atomizer type unit for that matter. Think I'll start with the quartz bucket. The triple titanium coil doesn't really appeal to me. I can usually taste the metal. But I will give it a chance... in the name of science and all. :biggrin:



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Well... I caved. I've been curious about this type of vape for a while and the price was right. Haven't had a chance to use it yet... and will get back on how I feel about it's performance later.

For now, I can tell you that it comes in a nice carrying case and that they seem to have made a complete little kit of this.... There's a complete list of what they include in my OP post.

I'll be interested in seeing if this is any better than just using the SAI native... or any other atomizer type unit for that matter. Think I'll start with the quartz bucket. The triple titanium coil doesn't really appeal to me. I can usually taste the metal. But I will give it a chance... in the name of science and all. :biggrin:

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What's the verdict ? I do love my sai titanium bucket.
I read that my Sai top flow uses the same atomizers as the Core. If that's the case I had less than stellar effects with the quartz. However the titanium bucket rips ! The triple titanium is good for just a few times before it tastes like caca . I never liked coils. A lot of people like the quartz bucket, not me I had to crank my mod up high and even then minimal clouds. :biggrin:
@momofthegoons is it a case of ...'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all', pretty quiet on the review front!
Okay @LesPlenty lol... I have tried the titanium bucket. And I tried the quartz again just to make sure I wasn't pulling a 'user error.' :lol: I used both buckets on the highest temp; which is green.

I am still underwhelmed by the quartz. Just doesn't really do much for me. The hits are a bit wispy... I was expecting more.

So the titanium... that is another story. My first hit was a doozy. I haven't taken that large of a dab hit, unknowingly, in a long long time. My eyes glazed over... and I remembered I had a meeting with an architect who was coming to take measurements... and thought... fuck.... :ko:

Of the two atty's, the titanium wins for clouds; hands down. The quartz wins for flavor. I don't do coil atty's... I hate the flavor with them. So I can't give my opinion on the 'triple titanium' atty.. One thing I've noticed is that the buckets do not clean up well with a q-tip and ISO. Neither of them. So I can see the need to soak these. Mine both have stains that wont come out with a q-tip after only a couple dabs.

So overall I can see this being a nice little unit if the power went out... but between this and the SAI? For the price, the portability and size the SAI wins. The little amount of cooling you get from the CORE's bubbler is minimal. It's holds very little water. And is hard to clean, imo.

Maybe it's me... but these 'portable' dab rigs just don't seem worth it. I'd rather invest a touch more and get an enail. And use something smaller as a portable.
From PIU......


The Core Teardown
E-rigs are all the rage.

It wasn't too long ago that your options were either a wax pen or a dab rig that is too big to carry.

Both are great options however if you wanted a rig that was portable and ripped like a beast you were out of luck.

Then came the E-rigs. The concept is simple enough. Stronger atomizers than what you would expect from traditional wax pens and water filtration so you can take those monster rips.

Ok great, E-rigs are a lot of fun. Which ones can we trust?

Just like buying a car, you have to look under the hood to really know what is going on.

So let's do it


SZ Crossing
This is a company that already has a reputation for making some of the best wax pens. The Sai for example has been our most popular concentrate vaporizer for years.

We were excited to hear about them working on a E-rig.


Glass top piece
This piece holds a small amount of water, about xx oz.

We can't do much to teardown this piece unless we hit it with a hammer...



Around the atomizer
The atomizer shield has no threads. What a good idea! This part screws in on some e-rigs. When your rig is excessively dirty it can be a real pain to unscrew these parts.


The Shell
The shell has a silicone covering that makes it easy to grip.

Under that cover you have an aluminum shell that is anodized black.


We do these teardowns "blind" which means we do not ask the manufacturer for any help with the disassembly. Then we follow up with questions afterwords.

This is done to avoid bias.

However we are usually guessing how it comes apart.

On the back of the shell there are two screws, that seems like a good place to start........


OK that didn't accomplish much.

Pressure fitting parts is becoming more common and it looks like there might be a cap on the bottom of the Core


Yup, a pressure fitted cap

It wasn't easy to get this part off, we used a dremel to release some of the pressure then pry it open.


Looks like we are starting with the battery


The Core Battery
The battery is a 3150 mAh 3.7v
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The Core breakdown continued.....


There is an interesting cap on top of the shell and one below the atomizer. It looks like parts would not fit through these, our guess is these are here to help with the assembly process.

That chassis doesn't want to come out though....


Ah, the button screws into the chassis holding it into place.




Circuitry keeps getting smaller and smaller.

On the right you have your power button which is surrounded by an array of LED lights

The board on your left has your USB-c and the brains of this operation.


And on the back a few more chips and the haptic sensor


The silicone gasket was pressure fitted into place, this is the part that holds the glass to the rig.

It looks like there is another pressure fitted ring on the top of the outer shell.


Family photo


Core Atomizers
This is what we are most interested about.

Most E-rig atomizers have an exposed ceramic plate that is covered by a metal sleeve.

SZ Crossing has always set the example for proper atomizer use


We are not just looking for what is in this atomizer, we are also looking for what isn't in it.

Like most coils there is a silicone gasket and metal plug on the bottom that hold the wires in place so they connect to the base properly.

The triple ceramic rods are wrapped with grade 2 titanium wire

These coils are housed in a small ceramic dish and are pressure fitted into the shell


Ok quartz bucket, your turn

This atomizer can be rebuilt so it is a lot easier to take apart than the triple ceramic coil

The concept is similar however in this design you have a large ceramic plate that sits under a quartz glass bucket

Bucket atomizers in general are considered the best example of practice.

Ceramic rod's work great and we have no reason to question their integrity (as long as proper materials are used) however we like to see heating elements isolated from the airpath whenever possible.


Let's take a look at the back of that ceramic plate.

The heating coil is inside the ceramic

The titanium wires are wielded into place. Typically this is done with silver.

On the left wire there is a small piece of insulation.

This is a common part we see all the time. In most situations this part doesn't cause any problems. We have seen examples in the past where the insulation is too close to the heating coil and burns.

In this coil the insulation was placed under the ceramic housing, creating a barrier.

Also this part is underneath your bucket, away from the airpath.

The more an airpath is isolated, the better.

The Core Titanium Bucket

The concept is basically the same as the quartz bucket with a titanium bucket instead.


It wasn't too long ago that we would pull a vaporizer apart and it would be filled with improperly used materials. And if you wanted an isolated airpath, forget about it.

We already know SZ has a reputation for making some of the best built products. In our opinion, the core is setting an example for all other E-rigs to follow.

Pre built coils like the titanium and quartz bucket, where the heating coil is isolated from the airpath, is exactly what we want to see.

We do these teardowns to start a conversation about product quality.

Let's talk about this together.

If you have questions that we didn't answer please ask in the comments. We are happy to dig up as much information as we can about Core or any other vaporizer.

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