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concentrate vaporizer


    Vape XMAX RIGGO: Your Ultimate 2-in-1 Dabbing Solution!

    Greetings, esteemed members of VaporAsylum! We are excited to present the latest advancement in the world of dabbing – the XMax RIGGO. This innovative addition to the XMax VAPORIZER product line, crafted by the forward-thinking team at TopGreen, is here to revolutionize your dabbing journey...


    Exciting News Alert! Dabbing enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the game-changer – the XMAX TUNKE electric dab rig. It's not just a dab rig; it's a revolution in dabbing. Discover the unique feature that sets the XMAX TUNKE apart - its stretchable water tank - and how it's rewriting the rules...
  3. Yocan

    Tips Which feature would you like with your next concentrate vaporizer

    Hi guys, We want to create a new concentrate vaporizer featured a display screen. And we need you guys awesome vape ideas, please comment below. By the way, if you guys want to review this new item for free, please also comment below or DM me.
  4. momofthegoons

    Vape The Core

    Well... it looks like we have another release of this type of concentrate e-rig.... The Core by Shenzhen. Apparently this one has a fully isolated air path. From PIU's site: The CORE is an ultra-portable, ultra-powerful, e-nail that is compatible with all Sai Plus and Sequoia coils from...
  5. BD9

    Vape The Honeystick Phantom

    Sticking (pun intended) with the honey theme I've found the Honeystick Phantom Squeeze Box Vaporizer for oils and concentrates. This one also looks interesting to me. At $129.00 it seems like a bargain. http://www.vapehoneystick.com/the-phantom-squeeze-box-vaporizer.html/ The Squeeze Box...
  6. BD9

    Vape Huni Badger

    https://www.hunibadger.com $189.00 I've said before, I know three facts about dab and concentrate rigs and all five of them are wrong. I want to introduce you to the Huni Badger Portable Electronic Vertical Vaporizer; https://www.hunibadger.com...
  7. duff

    Vape AVS Molecule

    Egads. Just got the Advanced Vape Supply Molecule in the mail for $26 during their sale. I'm not a big concentrate guy so I'm not a pro, but damn. Just ran my first load through it and it easily hits quick and hard. I cleaned everything, scraped the coils, did some burn offs and set the mod to...
  8. D

    Tips Oil in cartridge

    So, we have a cartridge sitting on an e-leaf iStick. Not mine, hers..It's from the dispensary and is .5ml. 86% THC. SO uses it for her own serious condition... It's older and the "oil" doesn't move around so much at all - it doesn't move as though it would spill out if you tilted it. Any...
  9. Linx Vapor

    Linx Vapor

    Hello Vapor Asylum members, My name is Eddie and I represent Linx Vapor. We are a California based vaporizer manufacturer and our mission is to bring innovative, health conscious vaporizers to the Cannabis community. It is our hope that we can forge a great relationship with you...
  10. herbivore21

    Vape CCA710 Liger nails

    I thought I'd start a thread here, especially given that I've just gotten my hands on one of each of the new carb caps that the CCA folks have made. For those who don't know, the CCA710 Liger nail is a titanium banger style nail. It also has inserts available variously made out of sapphire...
  11. OldOyler

    Vape Xvape V-One 1.0

    Peace all! I'll make this short and sweet, and see if anyone has thoughts, etc. Found this for $29 plus about $4 for USPS First Class mail, they're a continental US company (fyi for your shipping needs). Replacement ceramic coils are like $8. I use these folks for my Yocan Torch coils...
  12. Baron23

    Vape Source Orb 4

    Again, another old review reprint to provide some initial info and perhaps a place for further discussion to land Source Orb 4 Review Hi folks and @SOURCEvapes – as I mentioned in my review of the Source 10cig, or some reason that still completely escapes me, Source asked if they could send me...
  13. Baron23

    Vape Source 10Cig V5

    Hi folks - for some reason that still completely escapes me, Source asked to send me some of their product for my use and review and I agreed on the stipulation that I would only report exactly what my honest experience has been. Also, please note that I in no way have any financial agreements...
  14. Vicki

    Vape Dr. Dabber Boost Erig

    I just ordered one, and wondered if anyone else had one too. :)
  15. DieHard

    Vape Errlectric Concentration Station

    So, for me this is the Vaporizer that is capable of ticking all of the boxes. The Errlectric Concentration Station is an E-nail, but with the addition of the Herb Nail, this is an aamazing dry herb vape as well. By some magic it is able to get full extraction, yet the herbs are still green...
  16. herbivore21

    Vape D nail Halo and Nimbus

    Let's face it, d-nail sell too many different products to have one single thread. This thread is to describe the SiC, Sapphire and Quartz halos by d-nail. As per their own management at the time, d-nail shifted their focus toward providing the bleeding edge of nail design a year or two ago...
  17. Vitolo

    Vape The VB2 Concentrate Converter

    @Vaporbrothers said: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a dear friend of mine... "VB2" What this is: This is a "Wax Converter". It is a device that due to the heat of its element and it's structure, can CONVERT a concentrate to vapor instantaneously. Vapor Brothers and...
  18. lazylathe

    Vape AerTouch-TC - Custom PID controller

    Found this while cruising the web today! Looks like a rival to the HexNail just not as polished. · AerTouch-TC v1.1 Custom Introducing the AerTouch TC, Aerify Digital’s first touchscreen, web-enabled Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) based temperature control device! Housing the brand...

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