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Vape The LP Portable Induction Bubble Hash Honker


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I was a bit jealous of everyone getting a new vape to test and thought, fuck it, I will make my own;


That is a S/S concentrate capsule that came with my Boundless CF/x, my $10 homemade IH and a few glass pieces,


Capsule loaded ready to cover with GonG,


Half way through 3rd draw, I will be danged...it actually works. You can see a bit of vapor in the glass!


That was the remains after 4 or 5 good puffs, looks the same as my Ti nail with the same stuff, I have the shakes and am as bent as 10 men...cool.:smug:

So I am looking for Beta testers, all you have to do is give me US$500 to get on the list and once I get enough money I will send you all a postcard from the Bahamas.:dog:

Edit; I got rid of the tape holding the coil against the body of the IH, just for safety.
Concentrate capsule is 11.89mm OD x 17.45mm high (too tall for most vapes as the CF/x has a very deep bowl (it swallows a Vapexhale ELB).:myday:

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