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Lunacy The Universe's Mysteries

No there isn't...
I was hoping you posted it as an example of conspiracy theories running rampant, but it seems you were and are serious.


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Do the research for yourself there are plenty of examples of possible artificial structures either put there by us or other beings.

Not everyone who believes in this or researches this is a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.

Fact is there is evidence that there are anomalous structures wether you want to 'believe' in it or not.
I've moved the above 4 posts from the video thread because I think it opens up an interesting avenue of discussion. I personally feel that we would be naive to think we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe.

And @Havelock Vetenari I don't believe that @I'm Ron Burgundy? was disputing that man had gone to the moon. Rather, I think he was implying we aren't the only ones. And that is something I feel is probably true. :twocents:

They have also found structures on Mars that are unexplained.

According to this article, "Geologists working in northern Chile have found similarities between hot spring silica deposits on Earth and deposits photographed on Mars nine years ago – and they think they could be evidence of past life on the Red Planet." So that brings up the question; what kind of life?

And that isn't getting into what you would call the 'conspiracy theories.' Many feel that there is evidence of alien structures (pyramids, a walled city, etc.) on Mars.

I'll be the first one to say that some of the theories sound pretty far fetched. But there are some that make me pause and wonder. And combined with my own first hand experiences, I feel there is other life 'out there' somewhere in the Universe. So let's discuss.... :popcorn:
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Do the research, what, you mean googling stuff instead of going on the opinions and publicatiuons of the leading experts and professionals on : https://www.facebook.com/universityofgoogledeanslist/?
But seriously, no. :watchout: :tongue:
When making claims(particularly extreme ones like these tinfoilhat ones, they even advertise themselves as that : https://www.patreon.com/TheSecureteam the burden of proof is on you. :wink:
With the vid i responded to it's the video that's the study as far as i can see?
So, forgive me if i don't believe there are some weird aliens playing voyeurs on our species.
Even when they would have solved the problems of interstellar travel, why would they do that?
I'm more into real science :

I posted the moon landing hoax, as something i personally would find a much more interesting video to watch.
The fact i couldn't find much on the paracelus crater thing only shows how far fetched it is.

And all martian so called artifacts and structures have been thoroughly debunked with the better pictures and image enhancement capabilies of late.
Not even that modern even in the most famous case of course :
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Wrong. They have not all been debunked. Also you're going to believe what NASA puts out as fact? Airbrushing these structures and craft out of pics before they release it to the public. Even former NASA employees have come forward stating this.
I will says a lot of those "artifacts" on Mars are probably just rocks..a case of pareidolia. But there so many more that cannot be so easily explained away.
Oh and The whole tinfoil hat pic on that web page is poking fun at the people that call them tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists for simply researching what is going on in our skies. I guess you didn't bother to read or explore their channel.

Also the fact that there are retired high ranking military officials and numerous pilots that have confirmed the existence of UFOs and government black projects surround the phenomenon. Are they made by our military? Are they extraterrestrial? I don't know. bUt the fact they exist is very hard to deny.

I'm not saying 100% that there are artificial structures on the moon or Mars, but there is evidence that supports it. There is no burden of proof...I'm simply researching the topic and finding there are plenty examples of unexplained anomalies on other planets and moons in our solar system. We know very little about how the universe works and what is actually on other celestial bodies.

Don't take what NASA puts out at face value. I'll link more videos/articles later when I have more time. Also you couldn't find any info on the paracelsus crater? lol you're internet must be broken.


"Enormous quantities of lunar and planetary imagery are available to the public by way of the Internet. While enabling a
“citizen science” approach to SETI, the availability of so much data also tends to generate new “discoveries” on a regular
basis by those who want to discover something such as alien bases, towers, construction and other activities on the lunar
surface. Although most of these findings turn out to be camera aberrations, image compression/transmission errors, image
enhancement artifacts, or simply misinterpretations of unfamiliar surface features imaged in unfamiliar ways, some remain
A decidedly conservative mainstream scientific establishment often rejects anomalies based on subject matter alone, i.e.,
there cannot be alien artifacts on the moon because there are no alien artifacts on the moon (or other planets). Such a view is
an example of circular reasoning, based on the belief that extraterrestrials do not exist, or if they do exist that they could not
have traveled to our solar system."
And here I thought this thread was about really important universal mysteries.....like why does pizza always fall gooey side down? Now there's a mystery! LOL
Didnt the CEO of Lockheed admit on his deathbed that the stealth was reverse engineering from a ufo????

I need no convinving here...
I know exactly how much we don't know.....

And it's alot....
Hey guys, I have followed ancient history as well as the secrets of the universe. It's hard to share my beliefs at times because my views may offend others. But a thread like this vives me a chance to go nuts. Lol

@momofthegoons - the Egyptians were only a small part of the pyramids, they had help. And I'm not just talking about Egypt. Do we really believe that these civilizations were able to communicate, let alone share architectural design? How about the fact that the pyramids we have explored always having relation to crystal and mineral mines?

My opinion is pyramids amplified the vibration of those cystals and specifically placed in locations where those vibrations can connect with different frequencies. Those frequencies act as a beacon or signal throughout space. Lately some think that based on the belief that aliens travel in anti gravity ships may connect with the frequency and may act an anchor.

Obviously these are my thoughts and as some here who knows would strongly agree if asked if mvapes was batshit crazy...

I highly recommend anyone who wants some respectable proof to watch "unacknowledged". It's available on Amazon. It's amazing and fucked up at the same time.

I'd love to anyone else's opinion on it.
@Havelock Vetenari - there's a way to make both sides sensible. Where I have most trouble is with the tools originally suspected of helping the Egyptians. Especially the use of logs as rollers to transport the stone.

1, the only trees that were even close enough to them to be considered as evidence was the palm plum tree which was also a main source of food for the people. Secondly, when the theory was recently put to the test under a small size block the log was crushed into nothing. Another piece of evidence is the simple fact of the time necessary to build these amazing structures. With todays tech we couldn't do it.

I have a great deal of respect for the ancient Egyptians, they had a direct tie to what I believe in as a greater power. But take them out of the equation for a sec, can or do you believe that Teotihuacan was made by the Aztecs or Mayans? Your talking about a complete underground city in which a liquid map of the universe was found? The liquid btw that they used was Mercury! Wtf?

How can anyone explain why all the uranium under the pyramids in Egypt was completely mined? Or perhaps what happened to the complete Minoan civilization near greece?

I respect your beliefs @Havelock Vetenari, maybe we could learn something from each other. I love sharing my thoughts with others, as long as no one slams another person's beliefs I can chat all day.

I haven't even started on the cover ups in the US, after watching full disclosures "unacknowledged" I'm extremely ashamed with how our politicians handled it. Greed over knowledge? Not in my book.
With today's tech we could do it better, with lot less manpower and way, way quicker... :wink:

The uranium under the pyramids was mined?
News to me...for the rest i refer to the article i posted before.
The minoans just had bad luck it seems :
It's quite a leap from finding traces(!) of mercury to suggesting there was a lake of the stuff.
I'm also pretty sure Sergio Gomez and fellow archeologists do indeed believe Teotihuacán was built by human beings without extraterrestrial help.
Here's a good article with some saillant points about some of the crap 'unacknowledged' is full of :
And while i certainly believe everybody should have a right to self expression and such, respecting beliefs which are clearly nuts isn't my thing at all.
Mea culpa and i'm sorry. :)
On a personal note, i'd be more surprised if we were the only life out there then if we are not, but i also do not think little green(or gray)men/lizards are here part of some sort of conspiracy.
I love this guy, he tells it well :


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