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Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC Dispensr
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Tips Titanium or stainless


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Just curious which vape you'll be using it with....?
The first stop will be at an LSV that has some total weight and size considerations due to the stand that is getting used. However, in the end it will get used with any bit of kit that it will work well with. For the most part, I steer away from metal in an air path, but I am willing to learn and maybe change. Thanks for your interest.
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A quick question about people's preferences for titanium or stainless steel and why. Looking at an adapter from Ddave that offers both options. Thanks https://www.ddavemods.com/store/p126/The_Omega_Vaporizer_Wand_&_Mod_Kits_(Arizer,_7th_Floor,_RBT,_ModPod,_&_more...).html
I bought his Ti VapCap stem to replace the glass one that broke. I like it a lot and as he said, its not a standard 18mm joint....its more an 18/19 than an 18/21 (defines the angle of the joint) in order to fit a lot of diff stuff.

I like the Ti but frankly its mostly macht nichts.

Curious why not glass?
Glass stems are a PIA. They break...easily. They are VERY hard to get the inside dimension precise and consistent as its blown glass. Even stems from Epic sometimes will not fit over the end of the cartridge heater and I have had to have them send me another.

Metal, however, is durable and can be machined to as tight of tolerances as you would wish.


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Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC Dispensr