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Lunacy What The Hell Are You Listening To?

Love it....well, I love piano boogie in any and all cases. If you haven't, check out Pine Top Perkins.

And Liberace....I'm 70 and was a small child when we would go to my grandmother's for Sunday night dinner and she loved him. Actually, all the old ladies loved him! haha
My grandma’s favorite too . And Lawrence Welk .

I didn't think it would happen, but Sparklehorse's final album, 95 % finished at the time of his death, will be released in September.

Hearing a non-demo, completed version of this song, to me, is like hearing from the dearest of friends after they disappeared without a trace and you haven't had any idea what happened to them for over a decade.

Then suddenly they're beside you, talking sadly and quietly of their departure. And it's as though they never left.

His vocals and lyrics are as frail and ghostly and haunting as ever. His ability to write poetically and unpretentiously and wholeheartedly is remarkable.

Difficult to describe what it's like to be a Sparklehorse fan without him in this world anymore. I don't know many folks who like him who have not been consumed by inherent sadness most if not all of their lives.

I thought I'd managed to stop hurting for all his family and devotees losing him, but I merely buried it in a shallow grave where it's been lurking.

And as the article states, ... his lovely toy piano and mellotron and Wurlitzer are on this track.

Strange but wonderful man. Part country boy. Part mountain man isolationist. Part poet. Part rocker. Some great docs about him on YT.

May his shade be sweet.

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