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Lunacy What The Hell Are You Listening To?

This song makes me want to riot and rebel ... against ... well ... whadda ya got? :scooter:

Another trip down memory lane . . this is when the 80's turned into the 90's . . . Just had another tooth extracted this morning so I'm having some "fun" . . . bonghit

OK . . . the anesthetic has just worn off . . . The tooth came out in like 3-5 chunks . . . I need a doctor to administer my vodka . . . . I need Dr Love . . . :love:

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You really wanna know? It's this, and it's playing as I peck this rn:

I LOVE this song sooo much!:

Paul Westerberg - Mr Rabbit

It's like a modern Spiritual or Hymn... too good!

I know I posted that song somewhere at some point. Great song. Highly underrated album.

Lately, when I've been working (on dramatic emotional stuff :uhoh:) I've been playing this track:

Based . . . . A 2 G :peace:

Edit: Sorry Mom wrong thread . . .
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