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Yocan Amor Plus Giveaway


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Hi Guys,
Do you want to try the Yocan Armor Plus vape pen?
Just enter this Yocan Armor Plus giveaway for free.

The Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer is the of premium dab pen and is the successor to the original Yocan Armor.

Main Features:
Discreet yet effective
Popular QDC Coil & QTC Coil
Quartz Tri Coil Option for big cloud chasers
Quartz Dual Coil Option for smooth essence
Functional Coil Cap
Featured 3 Voltage Levels (3.4v, 3.8v and 4.2v)
650mAh Battery Capacity

Visit Yocan.com for more information.

Armor Plus  (8).jpg

How to enter:

1. Comment below why you want to try the Yocan Armor Plus. Or which feature you like?
2. Comment below what kind of high-end concentrate vaporizer product do you expect?
3. More comments, more chances to win.
4. Please let your friends know about this Giveaway. Thank you so much!

Follow our SNS: https://www.instagram.com/yocantech/ ( Not required for entry into this giveaway.) Enter this giveaway, but also kindly follow us, thanks! )

One set of Yocan Armor Plus
Winner will be random picked on March 15th.

If the post comment count is more than 50, we will choose one extra winner.

By the way, we are going to create a new concentrate vaporizer with digital screen. ( similar with the screen featured on the Yocan UNI Pro).
If you have any suggestions, please comment below and let me know, we will make them into reality.

Come and join it now. Good Luck!

Yocan Giveaway Team
1. I'd love to try a yocan trate vape as I make my own rosin and good well functioning portables are always something I want/am interested in

2. I expect good flavour and hard hits with a decent battery life, plus one that you can take multiple hits before it diminishes function needing cleaning from a high end vape

I am not sure if I answered the 2nd part properly and understood the requirements for the competition

Good luck everyone and cheers for the chance to try one of your vaporisers
Cool contest, thanks for the great offer.
Wish I could play along but I'm in an unfriendly state so no concentrates here. (until I can save enough for a dabpress)

Well... @Moses Baca you could certainly play along with future hopes of obtaining what you need. :biggrin:

As well, said state wouldn't happen to be within driving distance of this good fellow's place of residence...?:
I want to try this as i only really have the evo for concentrate, id love to be able to goo outdoors...
All i really want is good taste and hard hitting.. not too much cleaning would be nice...
I want to try this as i only really have the evo for concentrate, id love to be able to goo outdoors...
All i really want is good taste and hard hitting.. not too much cleaning would be nice...
If it's anything at all like my Evolve Plus of old you will get the "hard hitting" part, for sure, it works... the "good taste" part not so much. It's a hotter/harsher than hell nasty hit... But who knows, as @Madri-Gal pointed out, adjustable voltage may help this quite a bit, but the vapor path is still short AF... it would def work great for a few quick hits of 'trate on the go... (I would never refer to it as dabs or dabbing in any way). Cleaning is easy, coils never taste ok for long and cant really be effectively cleaned and I wouldn't bother using rosin as that will ruin a coil in 1 session... which reminds me... get plenty of coils!

Edit: also concentrates or dabs "on the go" in pens like these is often very wasteful... carts cost more but are better all around for "on the go", imo.
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Your questions answered
  1. I want to try the Yocan Armor plus, because in the past Yonan concentrate vapes have served my needs well.
  2. I Expect the same High end design and build that Yonan has been known for in the past. I especially like the coil cap concept.
I have told my friends that have computers or smart phones about this. That would benefit all, as they would also help the Forum grow.
Congrats, @felvapes Please DM me to claim your prize.


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