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Tips Your Favorite Glass For Woodscents


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Ok like to know what your favorite glass piece is when using your Woodscents & why ? Please say whether you use water or go dry. I do both.

Also anything other things you've acquired, that for you make your Woodscents better or easier for you to use.
I've always been a fan of the Mobius sidecar knockoff (since I couldn't afford the 'real thing' at the time of purchase lol) for log vapes. Actually... for several vapes..

It is a sturdy glass piece that allows a log to sit well; without tipping. The sidecar mouthpiece is great because the vape isn't 'in your face' as you are inhaling. Diffusion is good and the piece isn't too big. Nice fat rips. This one is shown with the bowl for smoking in it... You would take that to use with a vape; obviously. This particular vendor on DHGate is a pretty well known glass vendor. There are others that offer this (some cheaper) but with all glass from the Gate, you are better off with a tried and true vendor or you can get some seriously wonky glasswork. This piece can be found here.

Seems to be a lot of Love for this design. Come to think of it I've not ever looked at what a real Mobius Sidecar costs.
They no longer make the sidecar version. Here's the closest they make now...

Doesn't look like they are still doing sidecar version ? I'm with the those who don't care to have a log in their face while taking a pull.

As of now this my fav peice for my WS. The wood stem not so much. Never cared for a wood slide. Guess they are fine on smooth glass joint. They can stick or hang up on etched joint or when a little dirty.

Anyways I'm ordering glass & will get several vongs wongs what ever short glass peice to use in bong with DV tip ? Think it was LesPlenty that reccomends these.

Anyways cant rememver what they're called.
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I just got another 5 pack, 1 fit perfect, 2 fit with fatter o-rings and the last 2 are too tight, which is good as I have a diamond bit to suit the vapcap size to make them fit perfectly once I break the ones being used.
2020 Glass Adapter 10 10 14 14 14 19 Standard Male To Male Converter Different Size For Glass Bong Water Pipe Wholesale Price From Radiantglass, $6.01 | DHgate.Com
Or buy from Ed as they just fit, no gambling!
My favorite glass for the WS is still the VA Rattle Can,

2020 Amazing Fuction Glass Bong Glass Water Pipe Bongs With Diffusion Pump And Ball 19mm Joint Glass 7.5 Inches TallVA Rattle Can GB 446 From Yingmin5, $39.45 | DHgate.Com
As of now this my fav peice for my WS
The 'issue' I have with that set up is the angle that the WS has to sit. If you notice, both of the glass pieces that Les and I suggested have the WS upright and centered on the top of the can of the glass piece.

But if you are happy with it that is really all that matters.
The angled joint is making me think I should get one but about 20" overall to sit between my legs while semi-reclined watching movies.
Yup Les, has the right idea. Anyways keep in mind at this point in time this is the best glass I have for my WS. I've yet to pick a piece specifically for my WS. Yup the angled joint on a straight tube can be a blessing or curse.

I've made this set up work knowing there most likely is a better way. I do believe a Straight Tube is the best all arounder. Seen the pics of the, I think it's the Claisen style joint I need to get a couple three of those to have around.
Another option is a 45 degree adapter & keck clip to create a 90 degree joint. Will cost $10 or so. Depending on the size of the piece a dropdown may be a better option.
I have some ideas / thoughts. First off a Mobius or anything actually made by them is stellar. My thought is we may not need that much percolation here.

Those of you with a Mobius sidecar or knock off , is the taste altered much by the perc used in these ? It seems like a smaller can size

Right now my best rig for taste at the moment is my 10" straight tube with or without water.

I also just get confused with what some internet shops promote as good vaping glass. I wonder at times if they have a clue
I only use Rattle can diffusion pump glass with my WoodScents (and sometimes for dabbing) as the perc system does not diffuse like normal percs and retains flavor..
Saw this for sale:

This is a bubbler sold by Ed's TnT, blown by Galloway Glass here in the USA. I don't believe Ed will be selling these again. Has a 14mm female joint and comes with a wood stand. $150 PP G&S shipped USPS priority, CONUS only.

Edited to include function video - for the record i am not the seller lol. Just saw this and thought it was pretty cool


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