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ed's woodscents

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  1. Vitolo

    NEW- Ed's TNT Woodscents Vaporizers

    FOR SALE: I received a generous donation of 5 Brand new Woodscents Vaporizers, with kits. The needs of the patient population at this time, dictates that I let these units go, and use the proceeds to obtain a number of Fury 2 units, to better meet the immediate needs of a larger number of...
  2. R

    Tips Your Favorite Glass For Woodscents

    Ok like to know what your favorite glass piece is when using your Woodscents & why ? Please say whether you use water or go dry. I do both. Also anything other things you've acquired, that for you make your Woodscents better or easier for you to use.
  3. R

    Tips Torch vs WoodScents

    I'd like to hear descriptions of the difference some get when using torch vs using a WoodScents with a DV based stem.. With the torch I feel I get more of a smack in the face type hit when wanted. I've yet to reattached the bottom leather on my WS since it was dropped. Just trying to be sure I...
  4. Ws1


  5. Ws2


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  8. Ed's TnT

    Make a wish, win a one of a kind WoodScents

    ******Contest has been extended one week. It now ends on Dec. 7th, winner to be announced Dec. 8th.****** Have been thinking its been a while since I did a giveaway/contest. Having so many wonderful blessings this past year and the one before, seeing my family grow and strengthen. The biz is...
  9. herbivore21

    Safety Eds TNT Woodscents Vaporizer

    ****This safety review pertains to WoodScents cores made prior to October 2019.**** Whilst I have never received anything for free from Ed and generally do not buy wooden vape products, my experience with him as a customer in the past was wonderful. Long (probably years now!) ago, Ed, a fellow...

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