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ed's woodscents

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  5. Ed's TnT

    Make a wish, win a one of a kind WoodScents

    ******Contest has been extended one week. It now ends on Dec. 7th, winner to be announced Dec. 8th.****** Have been thinking its been a while since I did a giveaway/contest. Having so many wonderful blessings this past year and the one before, seeing my family grow and strengthen. The biz is...
  6. herbivore21

    Safety Ed's TNT Woodscents Vaporizer - SAFETY APPROVED

    I'm glad to say that Ed's Woodscents Vaporizer has received a Vapor Asylum Safety Seal of Approval! This means that it has been inspected (in this very thread) and is deemed acceptable by VaporAsylum standards. The following posts now serve as a record of the inspection process: ****This safety...
  7. Ed's TnT

    Vape WoodScents Titanium AromaLog Diffuser - Ed's TnT - ***VAS APPROVED***

    :star: The WoodScents has passed the VaporAsylum safety test. View the safety thread here. :star: Hello, many of you know me some may not, I am Ed from Ed's TnT, you may have seen my work in other forms for various popular vaporizers as in wood stems and WPA's. For the longest time I have...

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