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Short for Atomizer; the part of a wax pen or e-cig that creates the vapor. ;
  1. Shredder

    Vape Saionara - SAI

    Anyone use a saionara top air flow atomizer? Also known as a sai. I've heard good things about their bucket system. They use a ti or a quartz bucket to hold and vape concentrates. They also have a impressive line up of other coil choices. I'm new to this but as I understand you need a top air...
  2. D

    DIY E-cig coils and attys for dabbing

    Idea for this thread came from a conversation with @2clicker about the merits of stainless steel wire e-cig coils for dabbing. Prior to using this method, dabbed from a SiC HALO D-nail and glass which now sits unused. Flavor and effects with wire coils are similar to a temperature regulated dab...
  3. Stevenski

    Accessories DIY Butane vapes

    Living so far from the US can make it difficult to get replacement parts for vaporisers or much more expensive than it should be. This is one reason why I tend to go for almost unbreakable vapes but over time I have accumulated a lot of assorted glass adapters, J hooks & the like. So I decided...

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